Step by step: What is it like to work with Jumbla

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We often get asked by new clients what the actual process of working with Jumbla is, and to be honest, its really quite simple. Here’s what it looks like to complete a project with Jumbla, from start to finish.

Step One

So, you’ve decided you want to use animation for your branded content. Good taste! You want to look around for a studio to complete the work, so you Google ‘animation studio’ – and sure enough, there we are – right alongside our 4.7 star review (sorry, couldn’t help it).

Step Two

Next, you give us a call on 1300 500 034, and speak to one of our amazing producers about the animation you’re after – and, you guessed it – you’ve come to the right place. We send through our Briefing Template, which contains a selection of questions – like ‘what are you planning to promote through this video?’ and ‘What do you want viewers to do after watching the video?’ This gives us a thorough breakdown of exactly what you want your video to look like, and what you want it to achieve. It’s quite quick and simple to answer, but it means that everyone starts on the same page, we know exactly what you’re looking for and everything we do works towards that. Here’s a little peek at Cricket Australia’s brief, which we used as a basis for their Strategy Plan animation.

Blog - Brief


Step Three

We send you a thorough project proposal, detailing how we’ll tackle the video – from the initial script idea, right through to the style of animation we’ll use, and the technological process for how we’ll achieve it, costing and timings. Once this is approved, it’s onto step four…

Step Four

Let’s get to work! Taking information and inspiration from the brief, one of our copywriters will write and finesse the first draft of the script. After the script is sent to you for review, you can give us any feedback, and we’ll tweak the script accordingly – or, we nail it on the first round, and it’s approved straight away (we are wordsmiths, after all).

But if you know exactly what you want to say, you can submit your very own script. We’ll provide some recommendations or feedback to you, to make sure the animation is complemented by the best and most effective copy possible.

Step Five

Our creatives come together to illustrate three style frame concepts (style frames are illustrations demonstrating the tone, illustration style and mood of the animation). Again, you provide any feedback or changes you want to see – then they’re approved. Here’s one of the styleframes for our beautiful animation for Childwise:

Blog - Style Frame


Step Six

We’re getting closer to animating… The next step is storyboarding the whole animation. Our creatives sketch out each shot of the video, and accompany each frame with the scripted copy to appear alongside the visuals. Here’s an excerpt of the storyboards for our animation for Deakin University.



Step Seven

Voiceovers! If you like, you can supply your own voice over, alternatively we determine the tone that we are going for and then send through three voice over options for you to choose from. That’s right. Three. Spoiled for choice!

Step Eight

It’s finally time to get animating! This is where our animators really shine, seamless animation is where we prosper. While this is happening, we also give you three to five music options for your animation.  After you’ve chosen an audio track, and have given us feedback on the animation, we put everything together and add the cherry on top: all the sound effects and music.

Step Nine

We deliver the final product: a completed web video/TVC/explainer video/event graphics/ you name it – in any video format required.

And, bonus: if you come into our office to discuss your project with us in person, you’ll be offered a drink, a game of table tennis and some good music. 

We like to think we make the whole process enjoyable, because we love what we do, and we want you to as well! Have an idea in mind? Get in touch here and let’s go through this process together! 

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