How Video Can Increase Conversion Rates

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As digital marketing shifts with the trends, so does the role of video. Once a method of entertainment best suited for YouTube, video marketing is growing explosively, drawing in customers and changing the way companies around the world think about consumer engagement. Video is on the rise for real, with over 8 billion video views per day on Facebook. In fact, Cisco even projects that 80% of all web content will be streaming video by 2019.

There’s a huge demand for video in virtually every industry, leaving a major door open and ready. Here’s how to work video into your strategy to transform leads in a new direction.

Product Videos

A phone case you can’t put on. Windshield wipers that don’t seem to fit your car, despite the dimensions on the package. A fabric you can’t distinguish from a photo. Sometimes, a great product video can really come in handy. Instead than simply showing a picture and explaining a concept, product videos provide a comprehensive, robust summary, demonstrating to potential customers the facets, benefits, and features a product has to offer.

Rather than leaving form, fit, and function to the imagination, product videos fill in the gaps, providing an educational and valuable experience to viewers. And they sell: a customer who views a product video is 144% more likely to make a purchase.

Explainer Videos

It may be a cliche overused by parents and teachers, but actions do speak louder than words when it comes to video marketing. Explainer videos are a great example of this, providing a creative outlet for self-expression that engages a consumer in a way written content cannot. By traversing the boundary of language’s limitations, you can highlight your product lines and purposes in a way your customers will love (and share!).

Intended to draw viewers in and create a connection, these videos are used to add value by everyone from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500s. Explainer videos can increase conversions20% or more, giving companies the ability to make a statement in a way that stands out.

About Us Videos

Short, sweet, and to the point, about us videos serve one big purpose: telling customers and site visitors about you. Sure, it may seem easier to write a long, wordy novella about how you started and where you are today, but that’s not something that will keep anyone interested for long. Emotions are a huge part of purchase decisions, and a great video can develop a bond in a way even the best paragraphs in the world cannot.

When posted on your About Us page and shared across social media platforms, you can quickly and effectively tell viewers exactly who you are and why you matter. Customers are nearly 40% more likely to share a video versus a written post, putting your name in your customers’ minds, and hopefully on their friends’ Facebook pages, too.

Landing Page Videos

When you click on a product link to do some shopping or want to learn more about a newsletter, finding yourself on a company’s home page can be a little frustrating. Unlike most web pages, landing pages serve a very specific purpose: landing customers where they want to go. Intended to collect information or drive a purchase, a good landing page provides a compelling reason for a customer to act. And nothing says “action” quite like a video.

When you show rather than tell, customers are willing to listen. Utilizing video on a landing page can provide more information and a level of trust standard content can’t, leading to an 80% increase in conversion rates.

Email Videos

As nice as it would be to think that everyone on your listserv reads each and every one of your emails in full, that’s not exactly realistic. For busy adults, sales adverts, newsletters, and promos without a hook or a grab are fated to a future in a mail client’s virtual trash can.

Quick enough to send a message in a few seconds and engaging enough to stop a reader from moving on, video in particular tests extremely well in email format. With the ability to offer a 200% to 300% improvement in clickthrough rates, emails with video are great for getting a point across in a format people like to share and discuss.

With 64% of marketers banking on videos to get a leg up over the competition, video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. By incorporating thoughtful, original, and high quality video into strategies, there’s ground to be gained over competitors stuck in the marketing stone age. It may be uncharted territory now, but with a graphics team at your back, you may be surprised at just how far your video content can travel.

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