Why your video ad ‘needs’ to be great!

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For a multitude of reasons, video is a critical tool used by companies and organisations to communicate messages: it’s attention-grabbing, can be highly entertaining and requires little effort from the audience. Unlike reading, people can consume video passively.

But, not all videos are created equal – and one that is poor in quality or execution runs of the risk of not only having the message fall flat… it can also be detrimental to the brand. You could risk alienating your customers or followers.


The Millennial generation – also known as Gen Y – refers to those born between the early 1980s to around 2000. Millennial heads are ones you don’t want your videos flying over the top of. Their global spending power is estimated to be around $2.5 trillion, making them one of the most sought-after demographics.

On top of this, if you can catch their attention, your video could start spreading on its own accord. A recent study by Unruly found that Millennials are 112% more likely to share favoured online ads, than any other demographic.

The problem is, how do you show them what they like when some don’t want to listen?


While this generation loves to share ads, they are also unforgiving about poor quality advertising and a full 93% say they would consider installing ad blocking software in the future.

The study found that this same enigmatic generation is also the most likely one to put videos on mute. Because of this, capturing their attention early – such as by presenting impressive visuals – is imperative.

What we can take from the stats is that originality, authenticity and integrity are key factors of success.


Gen Y is savvy, switched-on and certain about what it likes and what it doesn’t. Understanding this will enable you to create videos Millennials want to watch. Creating an emotional connection is a key way of making sure your video 1) gets watched, 2) resonates, 3) has “sharing” capital.

Unruly found that happiness and inspiration are the emotions that Millennials connect with most. Compared to the average viewer, they are 27% more likely to feel happy and 25% more likely to feel inspired, when watching video ads.

More specifically, it’s millennial men who are the most emotional demographic when watching video ads. They register above-index in 7 emotional responses, according to the study: happiness, arousal, pride/inspiration, exhilaration, amazement, knowledge and shock.


Millennials are digital-first trendsetters. They make for a high-risk, high-reward demographic, as explained by Unruly’s Sarah Wood.

“Get it right with this uber-connected audience and you have the potential to unlock widespread reach and powerful advocacy. Get it wrong and they are unforgiving: if you appear inauthentic or interrupt them with ads, they will actively avoid your brand,” she says.

It’s clear that videos need to do more than present information; they need to connect with audiences through emotions and give them something they can take away. Animation is a great tool for creating instantly watchable and likeable videos that do just that, thanks to their visually exciting nature. When executed well, they can have your target audience venturing further into the terrain of inspiration and exhilaration.

“They’re overexposed to ads, and looking to clean up their online experiences by installing ad blockers,” she said. “This presents a great opportunity for the advertisers who take the time to create content that cuts through to engage and inspire millennials.”

Jumbla can help you create a video ad that will capture and engage viewers effectively: a video that they won’t want to mute.

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