Team Jumbla Photoshoot

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Jumbla photoshoot

We had a blast shooting our profile pics for the Team Page of our brand spanking new website. Steve, our Client Services Manager, sat down with our resident photographer, Matt, in an in-depth tell all interview to go over how the photo shoot went:

Steve: What brief were you presented with for the photo shoot and what were you trying to achieve?

Matt: Our Creative Director and I sat down and just went through some of our favourite business’ websites and had a look at what’s happening in the industry at the moment. We picked out what we liked and what we didn’t like and kind of went from there. We quickly realised that we wanted to achieve something a little different, definitely casual and very much on brand. We used items from around the studio and shot in the studio without any backdrops or screens so the building became a part of the shoot. I think that shows in the end result.

Steve: I didn’t remember asking for your life story in that question. What equipment did you use?

Matt: Cannon 5D Mark II and a 3 point lighting system.

Steve: So a camera and some lights?

Matt: Pretty much.

Steve: Who are some of your favourite photographers that inspire you?

Matt: Brook Piper, Jamie Ibarra & Sam Haskins are probably three of my personal favourites.

Steve: How come you’re not as good as them?

Matt: ….

Steve: As I’ve seen from the results you definitely weren’t working with professional models, what was it like working with other creative types?

Matt: It was nice for a change; our team has a great understanding of the creative process so it was easy to work with them.

Steve: Who was the most difficult to work with?

Matt: You.

Steve: Soundtrack?

Matt: The Triple J Hitlist on Spotify.

Steve: Refreshments?

Matt: Hot day so we made an executive decision to go with Corona.

Steve: Were you at all upset that the photo shoot of the photo shoot that I took was actually better than the photo shoot itself?
Matt: Yes.

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