The boo-crew at Jumbla

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It’s that time of year again and in a house filled with animators and creative people alike, Halloween isn’t just another day at the office.

You must understand, this event is spoken about for weeks – some competitors even go as far as making their own masks weeks in advance. Yes that’s right, I said competitors. An annual costume “parade” is the main event with prizes for first, second, third place as well as the inaugural ‘Spirit of Halloween’ award.



Creativity levels are high and this year costumes ranged from Adobe After Effects to hotdogs and the of course token Asain tourist, we really did have it all.

The office is of course decked out in its own Halloween attire. Featuring the likes of the table tennis table crime scene, the Halloween inspired food table and the constant showing of horror films on the big screen.



Daily activities ranged from a group outing to lunch, working while in costume, pumpkin carving and plenty of behaviour that should not be mentioned on the internet. But it’s safe to say, that hilarity played a big part in any happenings on the day.

Congratulations to Matty Canham, David Bennett and Oz Smith for taking out the top 3 costumes of the day and to John Tanios for winning the coveted “Spirit of Halloween” prize 2015.

Just for a bit of fun our Animators have also set up a super-secret bi-weekly “Motion Mixtape” where we create a GIF about a specific theme. This week’s theme was… I’ll give you three guesses.
With such a creative team, and so many creative outlets, we can’t wait to share it with you all. Enjoy!


If this sounds like the sort of behaviour that you could only dream about at your workplace, why not come work for us! Check out our get a job page to see what’s available – I shouldn’t need to sell it but this place really is an awesome place to hang out… I mean work.

PS. For all you clients, plan your projects, plan your meetings and come and pay us a visit Oct 28th 2016 to join in the fun.

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