Jumbla Wows on the Runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

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The Melbourne cityscape, shining blue and purple neon against the navy night sky, twinkles alluringly – brimming with possibilities. Roam out into the night – winter’s over, and it’s time to come out to play.

It’s getting warmer – bright umbrellas and huge palm trees dapple the sand with shade. But the beach towels are deserted; left lying on the beach in favour of a swim in the ocean.  

Silver lace camellias burst into bloom; geraniums and tulips blossom forth as jet black butterflies soar into the sky.

Spring has sprung in Melbourne. And along with it, the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival.


Jumbla was entrusted with the creation and animation of five beautiful runway signifiers, to play on the big screens while the models strutted their stuff at this year’s most celebrated Australian fashion event – each contrasting, but distinctively evocative of springtime in Melbourne, and the season’s close relationship with the fashion world.

This isn’t the first time we worked with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – we also created the event graphics for last year’s festival (check out that work here). But this year, the animation working process was different – we were given several prompts for our animations: urban bloom, contemporary, spring carnival, Mr Runway, and resort. The rest was up to us.

‘When we did the graphics for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in 2015, we were given the themes as well as the designs to follow, so it was more of an animation project. This year, we were given more freedom,’ says Oz, the lead animator on the project. ‘We were sent the runway themes and had scope to design the spots and plan more detailed animations. Because we were involved at this stage, we were able to design some spots in 3D and some in 2D to give more variety.

‘The main challenge we faced was that we had to contend with creating a variety of styles, while making them feel like they were from the same family. To get the final designs, we referenced a large amount of imagery, from high end fashion commercials to floral illustrations and retro posters.’

On the contemporary night of the festival, Steve, Cal, Frankie and Oz attended as VIP guests (show bag included) –  and got to see Jumbla’s hard work, up close on the big screens.

‘It was great to see our work at the shows,’ says Oz. ‘That part never gets old.’

Check out our runway signifier animations below:

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