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Let’s face it: we all make mistakes. But there’s a difference between mistakes like removing a USB thumb drive without ejecting and mistakes like leaving the cooking unattended. A series of videos we made for the initiative “Safe Mistake Zone” demonstrate that mistakes such as the latter can leave to devastating consequences.

In fact that particular mistake was a costly one last year: the residents of 579 households in Victoria learned the hard way.

It’s hoped this campaign – a joint initiative between the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Country Fire Authority and the Victorian Government – will reduce that number, as well as all other preventable house fires. In fact, small mistakes cause over 3000 house fires each year in Victoria alone.

The videos we created were 2D animations which simulated a game show, hosted by a lively narrator: “It’s time to enter the Safe Mistake Zone!” Each clip then goes on to present a mistake (such as wearing old underwear twice or double dipping a chip at a party). While these mistakes may be unhygienic, they certainly can’t start fires. These are deemed “safe” mistakes.

The videos then contrast these mistakes with the grave mistakes. In addition to the above example, there are the mistakes of leaving a laptop plugged in overnight and leaving a candle burning near some clothes. The terrifying dangers of these two mistakes were learned by 28 Victorians and 86 Victorians last year, respectively. The videos end with the tagline: “Small mistakes can cause fires, don’t run the risk”

The online portal features the three videos we produced, a home safety checklist, a template on which you can sketch a home evacuation plan and a fact sheet of safety tips for smoke alarms. You can view stats on how many house fires have happened in your geographical area, and the causes behind them.

The portal also contains a fast-paced 2D video game, in which you play a character who attempts to pick up the good habits (green), while hopping over the bad hazards (red)! High scores on the game can be shared on social networks.

The CFA says the online portal is a place you can go to get the mistakes out of your system where they won’t start a home fire: “Home fires can start and take hold within seconds, so it’s vital to pay attention. It’s human to make little mistakes, to forget something or get something slightly wrong.”

“One thing that unites many home fires is that it’s a person making a mistake – a moment of carelessness, forgetfulness or neglect – which causes the fire.”

A series of events have been held to make the launch of the campaign, including one at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square. There, people were encouraged to make safe mistakes with the firefighters and other fire authority staff – such as posing for an embarrassing photo in the safe mistake photo booth, getting a (fake) tattoo or visiting the eccentric hairstylist they’d brought in!

Events are also being held in Narre Warren and in the regional cities of Ballarat and Wodonga.

safe mistakes

We at Jumbla are incredibly proud to have worked alongside Zoo Group on this campaign.

Creative Director Cal says, “None of us could imagine going out into burning homes, extinguishing flames and saving lives – so it’s great that we can contribute to the cause of fire prevention in our own way, using our skills in animation!”

“It’s quite harrowing to think that around 3000 Victorian homes burn down each year, and yet most are preventable by taking simple precautions,” he says.

“What I love about the videos is that they speak to all people, including tech-savvy young people who may not be the most cautious people around. Hopefully these messages will find a new audience, which may very well lead to fewer blazes being sparked.”

Check out our videos here:

Visit the Safe Mistake Zone here: there’s heaps of useful info and you can have a punt at a high score!


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