Scottish Water provides drinking water to 2.46 million households and 150,000 business customers in Scotland. Every day it supplies 1.34 billion litres of drinking water and takes away 847 million litres of waste water from customers’ properties and treats it before returning it to the environment. Given these stats, they needed a serious animation to live up to their great work!

We worked closely with the team at Axis who were keen to share their experiences from previous spots, mainly getting a seamless transition from full frame animation to the layered planes rotating around the 3D ‘Machine’. With some testing we came up with a protracted method to get it to work.

The process went like this; hand animations in Flash were composited in After Effects on 6 layers. Those 6 layers were then rendered out in 5K comps to make them wide enough to wrap around the Machine, the shadows were rendered out as another 6 comps to act as alpha channels. Then they were re rendered from 3D on the planes of the Machine in Cinema 4D. They were then re composited in After Effects. So with each change there were several steps and lots of rendering to do. Once we had the system sorted out it was just a case of getting the animation right and Axis trusted us to roll with it and develop the style.

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