The Client – LeadGeneration.com.au

The Lead Generation Company specialises in end-to-end lead generation and strategic client management. Whether your company deals directly with businesses or you are looking to market to consumers, their bespoke systems are purpose built to effectively contact prospects and manage the entire lead generation process.


“Just make it look good”.
LGCO came to Jumbla for a brand identity make-over. That meant a couple of web videos explaining their services, as well as a new website and corporate identity. The brief was simple – “Tell me what you’re going to do, and just make it look good”.

We handled this project from concept to completion – creating a brief and deciding on the company’s branding strategy. Drawing inspiration on bold vector graphic imagery, the Jumbla web design team got to work on building a website on WordPress that portrayed a brand that is dynamic and strong. Jumbla also made an explainer video that sits on the site’s front page to explain the Lead Generation Co.’s extensive services in a brief 90-second video.


Branding: While lead generation is an important service, it is probably not on most folks’ Top 10 List of Interesting Things to Read. We used bold, vector graphics to break up the monotony of the message.

Sales funnel design: The website has been designed to provide key information to users when they need it. After satisfying their information search, users are encouraged to make contact with The Lead Generation Company and complete the sales cycle.

Video Integration: We created a couple of explanatory videos to convey the key LGCO messages in a quick, concise and interesting manner. After integrating the web videos into the website, not only did average time spent on the site increase by 30%, but web inquiries increased by over 50%!

Effective Partnerships: It’s often the case that our client requires us to deal with 3rd party vendors in our creative process and we’re very happy to oblige.

LGCO had a contract with another digital agency to manage their Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing efforts. In building this site, we worked closely with them to ensure that our finished product not only looked great, but also considered the SEM and SEO requirements of our partners.