With the launch of Boosts Juices newest member of the protein ball range, White Chocolate Protein Ball, Boost was keen to do something a little different. Please enjoy:

In essence, the three original protein balls have been wiped out by a swinging Miley Cyrus inspired protein balls singing “I came in like a protein ball!” The audio for the wrecking ball clip was created by Boost Digital in partnership with a radio segment.

The video comes as a continuation of an existing campaign where the 3 original protein balls were happily singing about themselves…

The team had a lot of fun creating this one. Boost were adamant that they wanted the balls to look grotesque, so we made the eyes smaller and gave them wonky teeth and gnarly textures!

Creative Director, Oz, gives a little insight into how they made this one work! “As the characters are just balls we wanted to make them more expressive by giving them exaggerated movements so we added lots of squash and stretch deformers, this gave them a more slapstick feel and allowed us to easily maximise their expressions. Although the renders weren’t supposed to be photo-real, we wanted to get some texture and displacement into the materials and for this we used Octane renderer which gave us real-time response when we were looking at texturing and lighting. We then composited in After Effects to integrate the 3D into the environment.”