The Client

199Buddy is a hugely successful Australian SMS enterprise. Buddy has been in operation since 2006 in Australia and has since expanded into the NZ, UK and USA markets. The service is simple, if you have a question, 199Buddy has the answer. Just SMS your question to 199Buddy and you’ll get an instant response. Go on, try Buddy yourself!


Jumbla’s role

199Buddy engaged Jumbla to increase brand awareness and service trial amongst the 199Buddy’s key demographic of 18 – 25 year olds in regional Australia.


How we did it

Jumbla embarked upon a three prong strategy for 199Buddy. A wide reaching TVC campaign with 15 and 30 second iterations was used to increase brand awareness. Meanwhile two web videos were created specifically for the social campaign which presented 199Buddy on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and would engage the audience in their medium. Thirdly, a street promotional campaign was used to encourage service trial.

The quirky TVCs were turned around in less than two weeks and then aired in regional NSW & QLD. Complementing this TV campaign, Jumbla designed two full body car stickers which were printed on 5 VW Golfs, as well as numerous iPhone cases and slapband designs that were distributed free across various locations throughout regional Australia.



Jumbla’s integrated marketing campaign was so successful, 199Buddy reproduced the campaign in the UK. Here are some facts to back it up:

The social media campaign across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube saw the Facebook page moving from 23,000 fans to 55,000 fans. It’s still growing and currently sits on 65,000 fans making it well within the top 50 Australian Facebook fan pages.

The regional television commercials resulted in an immediate and lasting 21% increase in sales.

Brand awareness amongst the target demographic increased by 35% as a result of the combined six month marketing campaign.

199Buddy’s Facebook

199Buddy’s Youtube Channel