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Pause Fest is Australia’s premier digital event. Aimed at showcasing the best in creative and technology from Australia and all over the world.  Each year Pause Fest tells a story through a unique theme, this year’s theme was ‘Pure’. And at this year’s event Jumbla produced an ident animation to this theme.

So, what do you think when you think ‘Pure’? White, angels, doves? Well, our Creative Director, Callan Woolcock stepped outside the box and thought of heroin. Yes off all things. He wanted the animation to show the pure rush that heroin has on a pure body. Callan was also handpicked to be a speaker, rubbing shoulders with other thought leaders and industry experts, he spoke about the creative process and technique implemented for Erupt. Below is an exclusive sneak peek into his Pause Festival presentation, and perhaps an insight into his creative musings and extensive technical knowledge. With the concept in place, heroin that is – this was the result – Erupt.

Erupt – Pause Fest 2015 from Jumbla on Vimeo.



To kick things off the team needed to find inspiration and develop a mood board. Essentially, time to start pinning hard on Pinterest.  Like this:



Akin to all our commercial creative briefs, the team (Callan, Frankie and Kane) commenced straight into style frames. This was the preliminary style:




And this was the more advanced style:Pausefest Style Frames


Following style frames is the the preliminary storyboard, a mixture of white 3D assets with 2D colour animation:

Pausefest Storyboard



Again, here is the revised storyboard, lots of red crosses:

Pausefest Storyboard2


Now it’s time for the fun – developing assets and animating. This animation required 3D assets (the lungs, heart and brain). For the 3D component, as this creative exercise was sponsored by The Foundry, we were required to use their 3D software Modo. The lungs, the heart and brain were modeled by Frankie, Kane and Cal.  Here’s a work in progress lung Frankie was modelling up:

Heart 3D


And here’s how it turned out:













For the 2D animation, there is a rigorous process of refinement. Here’s a side by side comparison of flat animation vs textured and highlighted animation. Big difference!Flat vs Textured 2d

With all the assets ready, Cal pulled everything into After Effects, his specialty, and made magic happen.

AE file














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