Our favourite animated movies from the past 5 years

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There is no doubt that animated movies are some of the best of the best at the moment. And here at Jumbla, it’s safe to assume that we love them all, but of course, we do have our favourites. Here are our top 5 from the past 5 years (in no specific order).

Toy Story 3

I know exactly what you’re thinking. They made another one?! They’re going to ruin it. They are definitely going to ruin it with this one! Well guess what, they did the exact opposite. This movie was a killer. It ticked every box. You all know the classic story, and Toy Story 3 is no different – it’s a classic adventure movie. The animation was excellent, there are even conspiracies that this wasn’t an animation at all and it was just a film production, but let’s not delve into the world of living toys just yet.

There are plans now for a Toy Story 4, and let’s be honest – they’re definitely going to ruin it.



Being famed “the number 1 animation of all time” is no small feat. This movie really does give The Lion King a run for its money. Based loosely on the Hans Christian Andersen story The Snow Queen, Frozen is, in essence, a love and betrayal story that manages to combine adventure and comedy all in a neat little package. It’s a feel good story that could bring any family together – and I for one will not lie, I have seen this movie at least 9 times.


Wreck It Ralph

Ralph?! Who the hell is Ralph?! You will learn to know and love Ralph in time. He is the villain in a 80’s arcade game, he is completely fed up with being a baddie, and after many therapy sessions at ‘Bad Anon’, quits his job and heads off into the world of video gaming in attempt to be a hero. What makes this movie great is that this is not a movie about a game character, it is about video games, full of videogame based dad jokes, classic video game noises and video game cameos. To compliment this, the animation is key in this movie and the crossing from 8-bit screens to perfectly rendered characters is a great way to show the contrasting world that exists within the screen.



The Lego Movie

This sound like a bad idea, the people from Lego forcing themselves onto Hollywood in an attempt to squeeze some extra funds out of their loyal following. However, this is nothing of the sorts. It is some amazing combination of comedy meets action meets drama and all of this is topped off with a huge sense of nostalgia. Now don’t forget that this is an animation, every meticulous move that those little men make is actually a hand drawing. This movie never ceases to amaze. The Lego Movie 2 and Lego Batman is already in production and I just hope so much that they don’t ruin it, backing up the Lego Movie will be a very big task.


Inside Out

Inside out is like no other movie I’ve ever seen. It’s a character development movie pretending to be an adventure movie. The narrative plays out within the psyche of a little girl and the film’s characters are her feelings. From joy to sadness, fear, anger and disgust, the characters in this movie really do have polarising personalities! Animation is key here as emotions are composed of fibrous bundles of luminescence and somehow when watching it, that idea doesn’t seem so farfetched… Walking out of the movie, I couldn’t help but question myself, ‘how did they trick me into enjoying a character development movie?’



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