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Sydney is home to the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge – and now – a Jumbla office!

Jumbla does work for clients all over Australia – as well as throughout the world. While we occasionally complete work without any face-to-face interaction, sometimes clients enjoy having the option to sit down with us (or perhaps they just want a chance to meet Harvey, the world’s greatest dog).

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re able to do this with more clients, by expanding our physical presence to Sydney! As of this week, we’ll be based in Surry Hills with a small team that’s expected to expand rapidly.

It’s incredible to think we started just 5 years ago, with 2 people; now, we have a team of over 30, most of whom are creatives. Branching out to a city away from our native Melbourne was the logical next step for our evolving team.

Sydney operations will be led by our senior producer Laura Breaden – she’s the perfect Jumbler (a word we just invented for “Jumbla family member”) to take our presence across state borders.

Laura loves providing the best possible service to our clients and says Sydney is the perfect city for Jumbla to set up shop in.

“Sydney has – for a while now – been a special place to us, with many clients reaching out to us from there. This expansion makes a lot of sense. It’s going to enable us to service our loyal clients even better, with more on-the-ground, face-to-face interaction,” she says.

Some of our awesome Sydney clients include King Content, Riot Games and the University of Technology Sydney – to name just a few.

Our creative director Cal Woolcock, one of Jumbla’s founders, says Sydney is potentially the first of many new cities the studio hopes to eventually call home.

“This move is really exciting for us. We’re at the stage where we’re able and ready to extend our reach, and Sydney is the right place for us to grow a second team at. We wouldn’t rule out the idea of an eventual international footprint either, given the growing demand globally for animation and motion graphics,” he says.

This expansion comes during what’s been a really exciting year for us. Recently, we were named an honouree at the Webby awards for our piece “Polished Man”. Many refer to this international ceremony as the ‘Oscars of the Internet’ – so we’re pretty chuffed!

Our client services manager Steve Bradshaw says we’re able to create such impressive award-winning work because of our large – and growing – pool of talent, combined with our passion and commitment towards every project.

“Opening a new office in another part of the country will take our capabilities even further when it comes to delivering the best service to our clients,” he says.

Laura Breaden at the new Sydney office looks forward to catching up with those of you in Sydney! She can be reached on (+612) 8046 6562 or by e-mail:

Our expansion has already been picked up by the press. Check it out here:

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