New Creative Director in The UK Talks Ideas, Inspiration, and London Life

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As part of Jumbla’s international animation expansion, our UK studio recently hired a new Creative Director, Glenn Young.

Born and raised in Geelong, Glenn was in Australia recently to get a taste of Jumbla’s Australian studio culture.

We spoke to him between meetings, motion graphics work, and… pub trivia…


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Like many people from Down Under, I’m a motley mix of multi-generational Aussie meets migrant. On one hand I’m a third generation Geelong boy, and on the other I’m the son of an Englishman, and the grandson of Dutch and Welsh relatives.

I feel proud to be the descendant of migrants, something that is a core thread of the identity of Australians. I’d like to see the leaders of Australia continue to promote this diversity, and give opportunities to people from all walks of life to become part of this vibrant community.

How come you chose animation as a career?

I’ve always harboured a strong interest in art and technology, shifting my focus between the two regularly throughout my education and professional career. But after starting a double degree in Game Production, I left mid-way through due to a lack of animation opportunities and enrolled in an Animation & Interactive Media degree at RMIT instead.

Having completed my undergraduate with a 2D film, I started a one-year postgraduate degree at the same university, majoring in drawn animation. My postgrad film was entitled ‘Flash,’ as a nod to the animation software but cheekily animated in TV Paint. It managed to get screenings across Australia, USA and Europe, and was the key to my working opportunities in Melbourne studios.

Why did you decide to swap Australia for England? How long have you been in London?

Ultimately, it was my itchy feet – or more to the point, my itchy hands – that convinced me to head to ol’ Blighty. At the time, I felt like I wasn’t going to get the challenging work I was craving in Melbourne.

I’ve been living in London for three years and feel like there’s a lot more to discover here. At the moment, my wife and I are going with the flow and making the most of what London has to offer, with no plans to leave in the foreseeable future.

What’s the best/worst thing about living and working in London?

I think one of the best and worst attributes of London is the tube. The Underground is a crucial piece of its transport puzzle, but it’s a bit of a lottery for what kind of experience you’re going to get.

From the recently failed buttons encouraging conversation between passengers, to the very drunk, very barmy early AM trains, and last but not least the myriad of cold and flu strains travelling up and down the carriages.

You can’t compare living in Oz to the UK for the travel opportunities though. Jumping on a Friday night plane and ending up in one of several – likely warmer – European countries for a weekend getaway is priceless.

What excites you the most about Jumbla’s presence in the UK?

For me it’s the opportunity to creatively add another string to Jumbla’s bow. The Melbourne team is already outputting an amazing array of quality animation productions, and I look forward to being a part of the London team that brings something extra to the table.

I’m excited to be part of building Jumbla’s reputation for high quality animation work in the UK, and a place where new animators are celebrated and mentored.

Where do you see Jumbla’s UK studio in five years’ time?

In five years I’d like to see Jumbla’s UK studio mirroring Melbourne, in that it is a full service animation production unit, creating top-tier work.

I’m hoping to build some really strong ongoing relationships with clients and agencies here, which I’m confident will naturally occur as we win the work.

And finally, did you successfully down a beer at pub trivia to earn team Jumbla a valuable point?

Yes, I finished first in the race, and I loved every second of it.


Glenn Young is Jumbla UK’s new Creative Director. Catch him via email at or say hello on +442074425583.

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