NAB and Telstra’s Proquo gains traction!

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A Jumbla-produced video for the start-up Proquo is making the rounds online! The video is on the homepage of the Proquo website which is getting a fair bit of industry press! Check out the articles from The Sydney Morning Herald, Smart Start Up, Smart Company, The Age, just to name a few!

Proquo is a joint venture launched by Telstra and the National Australia Bank. It’s all about giving small businesses the expertise they need to get ahead… by connecting them with each other!

Fittingly, the name is derived from the Latin “Quid pro quo”, which means “tit for tat” or “this for that”. By buying, swapping and selling services through the site, customers are able to access capabilities they may not have previously been able to afford.

At Jumbla, while we may be a large studio today – with over 20 full-time creatives – it was merely five years ago that we were a tiny team of just two people. We know first hand that the early days aren’t a walk in the park – so we’re thrilled at the idea of helping a company that’s there to help small businesses!

The video we produced, combining 2D motion graphics and photomontage, offers a clear demonstration of how Proquo works.

We introduce Megan, who used to work in a marketing agency and has skills in branding and social media. She recently decided to start a business selling jewellery, but to get it off the ground she needs to build a website. She encounters a problem: among all the services she can find online, none are able to complete the job she needs within a price range she can afford.

We introduce Proquo. Through the site, Megan lists her skills and is soon connected with James – a web designer who needs help rebanding his business. They agree to help each other: James offers to make Megan’s website for $2000, while Megan offers to rebrand James’ business, a service worth $1500. As a result, Megan only has to pay James $500, and both receive exactly what they need to move their businesses forward. Sounds like a sweet deal!

The marketplace is currently in beta phase, so joining and transacting is free. From next year, there’ll be a small fee of 7.5% charged on paid transactions, while swap deals between members will remain free.

The site will capture an already existent customer demand for buying, selling and swapping goods between small businesses. NAB says the inspiration came from what its own customers had been asking for.

The team at Proquo says, “We know small businesses already swap and barter offline so Proquo really extends this opportunity and enables you to build new and trusted relationships along the way.”

Check out the video below:

We at Jumbla are stoked to help introduce Proquo to Australia. No doubt, it will help countless small businesses make a bigger splash! To find out more or to sign up, visit:

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