Muse Awards gives Jumbla a high 5

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We’re going to have to make more room on the mantelpiece! We’re thrilled to add five major accolades at the Muse Creative Awards!

The Muse Awards is an international competition for the creative industry, seeking excellence in concept, writing and design in both traditional and electronic media. Advertising agencies, design companies, web and digital entities, production companies and freelancers with annual billing of under $30 million USD are eligible to enter. The judges are looking for the best ideas and the best execution.

Entries in 128 categories were rated according to rigorous standards. During blind judging, the panelists worked to identify the most innovative and creative concepts, the strongest executions, and the highest quality in messaging. Winners were selected in a broad scope of categories, from broadcast and print to social media and emerging platforms. This year’s Muse Creative Awards competition included entries from 33 countries.

The organisers say, “Like the mythic muses that inspired poets and painters throughout history, today’s muses spark the great advertising campaign, the inspired tagline, the logo that becomes instantly recognisable all over the world.”

Here are the awards Jumbla collected:

Scottish Water: Platinum Winner for Television Commercial

Scottish Water provides drinking water to almost 2.5 million people. Axis Animation approached us to create this TVC for the company, knowing we’d be able to develop great styles and would have a strong grasp of all the different disciplines required to pull it off. In the end, the TVC involved hand drawn frame-by-frame animation, various 3D elements and quite a technical compositing job to bring it all together.

Deakin University: Platinum Winner for Motion Graphics

We created this video for Deakin University’s Engineering programs, but we also like to think it’s a piece of engineering itself: one that thematically explores the meaning of the word “engineering” (just don’t confuse it with the movie Inception).

We used heavily-graded 3D models to create futuristic, functional, design-driven landscapes, then combined this with poetic narration, piano music, dramatic sound effects and stark transitions. We hope the congregation of all these elements delivers something highly emotive and inspirational.

Grey Goo: Platinum Winner for Motion Graphics

We created these cinematic sequences for the real-time strategy game Grey Goo, in partnership with Axis Animation. The futuristic scenes were produced in After Effects, primarily using Plexus, Element 3D and Trapcode (MIR, Form and Particular) plugins. Our creative director Cal, says he loved working on this one: “It’s exactly the type of stuff I got into this industry for, in the first place!”

Polished Man: Platinum Winner for Non-profit Video

A video to raise awareness for the Polished Man campaign, in which men are encouraged to paint one fingernail blue in a show of solidarity towards ending violence against children. This video was also recognised at the Webby Awards, where Jumbla was named an honouree.

It tells the story of a girl named Thea, who takes the viewer through her fantastical dreams – but then those dreams suddenly turn into nightmares. Thankfully the turmoil subsides, Thea’s world is restored and she’s able to paint her nails blue… as they used to be.

The Wilderness Society: Platinum Winner for Non-profit Video

The Wilderness Society wanted to raise awareness for the plight of various threatened native species, through the theme of “onesies”, the clothing item. The organisation initially had the idea of creating these videos in live-action: with actors wearing onesies of the different animals. We at Jumbla proposed the idea of executing the project through animation instead, effectively asking if we could draw onesies… to draw awareness. We’re glad they liked the idea. In the end almost everything was hand-drawn, which gave the videos a rich and unique feel.

Stay tuned for updates on our future projects. You never know which ones may collect next year’s Muse Awards!


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