Meet the most recent Graduate from the Jumbla University Internship Program

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Today we’re happy to interview Christie, the most recent graduate from the Jumbla University Internship program.


For over 2 years, Jumbla has been running and developing the industry’s best internship program for aspiring animators and motion graphic artists!

Rubbing shoulders with some very skilled, easy going creatives and learning the tricks of the trade with real client projects, Jumbla is Melbourne’s best place to develop your career and gain experience across a variety of mediums.

For every 12 week internship program, Jumbla teams up with a not-for-profit charity donating a video to increase public awareness and support for their cause.

Christie teamed up with My Wildlife Adventures, a not-for-profit volunteer organization who facilitate the rehabilitation and release of sick and injured wildlife across Western Victoria.  Her task was to produce a detailed 90 sec 2D Animation highlighting the sometimes heartbreaking and costly journey for their volunteers alongside our native animal’s recoveries.

A big shout out to the team at My Wildlife Adventures, who were so encouraging,  gave core direction throughout the process, and who’s support has helped open up many opportunities for Christie to develop her skills.

Christie came to Jumbla as a girl with a blog, a few GIF’s and big dreams. And after just 12 weeks, she is looking at a promising career as Jumbla’s newest Animator.


In this interview you will find out the ticks of the trade on how you too can kick start you career, make a difference for a fantastic cause and potentially be the newest recruit to Jumbla University.


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What did you to get in to the Jumbla University Internship?

Christie: I found out about the internship on the loop and I just thought it was amazing opportunity.
I thought it would be an interesting idea to do something creative as that was the vibe I got from the website. The idea I had in my head of Jumbla was really out of the box thinking, so I created a motion graphic cover letter in the format of a gif.

I made a typewriter animate the start of a cover letter turning into an aeroplane. I thought it would be cool to think of something outside of the box to hopefully get me over the line. And I guess it did.

Had you done any animation before that?

Christie:  I had done, maybe, 3 or 4 gifs, so just really simple animations. It is something that has been quite recent, but it is new found passion of mine. I guess I just dove in head first when I came to Jumbla, because before that it was pretty much just simple GIF’s.



What did you Study at University?

Christie:  I studied Advertising and media and communications.
So completely separate.

Had you ever used after Effects before?

Christie:  No actually. I had used Photoshop before, and illustrator because I worked as a graphic designer, but never After Effects.

While I was working as a Graphic Design they needed a newsletter image out. I had all these ideas of animation in my head, things that had never been done before, and I thought it would be a really interesting to do create a couch with a merry Christmas swing tag on it.

That was probably one of my first animations, having something move from left to right. And then I made a few more little gifs before I got accepted here and then I went on to make a full animation.


What was your process here? How did you go from pretty much no after effects to the animation you just created?

Christie:  I think the course was outlined really well for people depending on their different knowledge basis and it was quite easy to categorize what I needed to do and to learn.

The first section of the Internship was design, and I was already quite knowledgeable with this. After effects was separate to that so I really got to learn each skill separately. And of course John helped me so much every step of the way. He was always right there across the desk for anything I needed and any question I had.


Did you use the wider team to help you as well?

Christie:  Yeah definitely. I think that was one of the main things that made me feel really comfortable at Jumbla. On Day 1, I spent 10 minutes sitting next to everyone, asking them who they were and what they did, and it really developed lots of friendships.

Everyone was just really willing to help, a lot of people came over to me on different days to see how I was going. Actually so many people came over and gave advice at different stages. They would watch what I was doing with the Video and give me so many pointers. It was great. Really, really good.

Outside of technical skills, what other skills did you learn from your time at Jumbla? In terms of Workflow and Storytelling?

Christie:   There is actually so much that I have learnt. I think finding inspiration has been a massive one.

Although I knew how to use Illustrator and Photoshop I think being inspired by other peoples work really helped me to think outside my own creative box.

The workflow at Jumbla made sure that we came up with the best possible idea first with the storyboards, then looking at the animation later, because anything can be done.

That mentality was fantastic because when I was doing the previous animations I looked up a few tutorials and just make something out of that. Whereas here, the thought process was very different. It was; what can you think of? What is the best story you can tell? And then we figured out how to do the animations from there.

There are so many work-arounds with Animation that anything is possible, and I never really thought about that before.  I didn’t really have the support and back up to learn it anyway because I didn’t do animation at University and while I was picking it up I had already graduated. I didn’t have that support team until I came here.


How did you find doing an animation for a not for profit cause?

Christie:  It was really great. I am a big supporter of animals so I think the first video being about animal rescue was a fantastic coincidence. I like a lot of the brands Jumbla selects, it feels good working for a company that is driven by positivity and creativity.


And how do you feel about the video, now that it is finished?

Christie:  I’m so amazed at how much I have grown, from little gifs to a full on video. I think I did really well.

It does look really good. The animation is really fluid, like the way the trees swinging back and forward. What did you find was the hardest part in doing the animation, and the process for you in general?

Christie:  I think the hardest part was thinking of new transitions or new bits of animation that look consistent, but aren’t copy and pasting the same idea across the board. So trying to get an idea that was unique enough in the film but consistent as well.


What is the vibe of Jumbla that you found compared to other companies?

Christie:  It is really different. There is so much friendship here. I have hung out with people outside Jumbla and we all get lunch together and I think that it is really supportive and laid back really. I think there is a pressure that you put on yourself to get things done, but I feel I would want to get the work done here because I like it, rather than I feel I am forced to. It is a really positive environment.

And everyone is really nice.

If I would invest time in anything it would be up-skilling rather than just climbing some corporate ladder. And I guess that’s one reason I wouldn’t want to stay at previous jobs, because you feel like I come in and do the 9-6 and just do the same thing. Whereas I feel like the rapid rate at which I have developed here in terms of skill level has been dramatic, even more than I probably learnt at Uni so that has been really great.

So 12 weeks compared to an entire course!

Christie:  Yeah well I mean seriously insane because it feels like, on one hand, that you have been out into the deep end, but you have all of this support as well. You’re not freaking out and not resenting anything. It’s a good way to do things.


Do you have any advice for people considering coming in as an intern at Jumbla? Or getting into the animation realm?

Christie:  I would say to take some time and really think outside of the box, even though that is a cliché, but you really have to. The main reason I was able to get into this program, as I didn’t have really any animation skill at all, was because I was able to do something different. To think outside the box, taking that extra half an hour to really think about what you are going to do.

Practice and learn as much as you can, and ask lots of questions. Another great thing I found about Jumbla was that I never felt unfelt uncomfortable asking a question. Ever. I only just started a new job and it kind of felt a bit stale and uncomfortable asking questions, whereas here, any question is fine and everyone welcomes new learning and helping each other out.

So would you recommend Jumbla University to other people?

Christie:  100%. I would definitely recommend this course. I think interning here is very different to any internship I have done before. I wouldn’t even call it an internship because of how structured it is and how much specific learning I obtained from it. Usually with internships, I just lingered around and was just there. Whereas here I was working and thinking, and it was really helpful… and it just felt like everyone was here for me which was really good.


What are you going to do next? What’s next for Christie?

Christie:  I hope to get into animating as a job, I’m not 100% sure where. If I get a job in an animation studio, I will definitely still continue to do blog posts over the weekend as well as it is a really good creative outlet.



Jumbla is proud to announce that on September 7th Christie will be joining the Jumbla team, bringing our Full-time Jumbla University graduate count to 3.

If you would like to be a part of Jumbla University, as either an Animator or a Charity, send us an email or give us a call to find out more.  PH: 9023 9310

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