Meet the new creatives: Jess and Itgel!

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We love discovering and recruiting new creative talent. Let us introduce you to two of our freshest faces: Jess and Itgel!

Many kids have excitedly approached their parents, proclaiming they dream of becoming artists – only to then be told in return, “Maybe you should consider studying something more sensible instead.”

For Jess, it was the opposite. Her mum talked her out of studying science. “Jess, you’re too creative for that, why don’t you study design?” she told the then-13-year-old. Jess’ mum was on to something.

Fast forward a decade, Jess is now an animator at Jumbla. She was hired after starting as an intern here just two months ago.

“I’m still kicking myself that I got a job at a place like this,” she says.

Prior to starting here, the bubbly and always fashionably-dressed Jess studied Digital Media Design at Swinburne University. “Since uni, I’ve worked or interned at three different studios, but none have had the same feel as this. I’ve also never worked at a studio as big as this before, with so many fellow creatives to hang out with.”

“In the short time I’ve been here I’ve learned so much from the team – I love that I’m able to develop so quickly in a supportive environment like this,” she says. “It doesn’t even feel like work.”

“I’m so glad my mum talked me into following my true passion,” she says. “She really saw the creative side of me, which sometimes I forgot I had.”

Itgel started just one day after Jess did, also as an intern. He studied Digital Design at Griffith University, on the Gold Coast.

Towards the end of his time there, he sent Jumbla a pillow and a USB stick with a video resume. That’s right – in his initial approach, he posted us a pillow. “I like to make products, and I thought posting a pillow might demonstrate my creativity and initiative,” he says.

It’s gone to good use, providing comfort to colleagues. Fellow creative, Glen, is using now using that very pillow each day as a back support. But if anyone’s being supported, it’s Itgel. (We did just go there).

“Everyone here pushes me to become better, to really work towards perfecting my craft. I feel comfortable asking any question, knowing someone will be able to help me.”

To make Itgel feel awkward, we asked him why he thought he’s a valuable addition to the team – other than being able to supply pillows.

“I think I’m a creative who enjoys interpreting and communicating stories through visuals,” he says.

“I’ve always thought storytelling is a fundamental for everything – from art to religion to music. It all leads to storytelling.”

“Stories are what connect people with the wider world, and I guess that’s the way I want to improve my practical skills – by creating videos that tell them better.”

If you find yourself in our studios, please say hi to Jess and Itgel – we’re thrilled to have them on board! If you’re an aspiring creative, you can find out more about our internship program here.

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