Why Your Landing Page Needs Video

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As the adage goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. It sounds like wisdom from a toothpaste commercial, but when it comes to digital marketing, the first connection you make with a potential customer is critically important. For most site visitors, especially those who encounter your name from an outside resource like Facebook or Twitter, the first chance they have to come face to face with your products or services is your landing page.

Despite the name, a great landing page is more than just a platform between an outside link and the heart of your website. When used properly, your landing pages can be extremely influential. A great landing page can do a lot, driving lead conversions and ultimately sales. A mediocre landing page, however, can do just the opposite, boring prospective buyers and sending them elsewhere.

When you want to make first impressions that succeed, you need landing pages that can sing your praises. The answer? Video. Creative, colourful, and interesting, a well-made video can give your landing page the necessary boost it deserves.

Going the Extra Mile With Video

When you want a landing page that excels, video is an absolute necessity. Sure, text can send a message, but compared to the impact video offers, written content is a long way away.

By providing a dynamic, attractive, and interesting method to share details about your company, products, or services, you can compel visitors to act in a way standard text cannot. With benefits ranging from increased conversions (up to 86%, as one study found!) to heightened brand loyalty, video carries a lot of weight for such a simple concept.

Increase Time Spent

Despite your best efforts, customers won’t always be interested in what your landing page has to offer. Some will even find themselves clicking away sooner rather than later, ignoring the opportunity to spend time or money with your company. However, the longer you can persuade a visitor to stay, the more likely they are to interact, enroll, or make a purchase.

Video is very effective at keeping viewers interested, providing material that’s far more entertaining than even the most expertly-written text. Instantly intriguing with immediate value, a great video can keep visitors engaged long enough to persuade them to act. There’s some debate on auto-play versus press play when it comes to landing page videos, so before marrying yourself to one opportunity versus another, give them both a try to see what works best for your page and your customers.

Cultivate Trust

In many cases, a landing page is the first contact a prospective customer has with your company. Thus, they have no reason to trust you, believe in you, or stand by anything you have to say. The right video, however, can change this.

If you display members of your company in your videos, including executives like CEOs, CFOs, and COOs as well as lower level employees, viewers can get a sense for the humans behind your operations. This adds an element of humanity to an otherwise impersonal message, giving you a better way to connect with your prospective customers. By putting a face on products or services, you can build relationships, putting a personality into your services in a way that customers will love. This can deepen loyalty and relationships overall, creating a faithful collective from the first point of contact.

Show Off Your Brand

You may have a brand that you’re proud of, but new customers don’t know that. In fact, your company is essentially an empty book to them, and video provides a great opportunity for you to map your way through the pages.

A video on your landing page is an excellent way to define your operations. Rather than simply typing out what you have for sale or what special bonuses you are offering for new customers, you can paint a visual picture that represents your brand. Carben Creative, for example, is a content firm specialising in market research, content creation, and video production. By featuring an animated intro video on their landing page, they are able to send a message to their customers while drawing connections between the enduring nature of diamonds and the raw material the Carben team brings to the table. Impactful and emotional, viewers get an instant sense of this business’ brand.

No matter the impression you want to capture – conservative and professional, quirky and youthful, or fun and fresh – you can present exactly the sentiment you wish with a video production.

Provide Information Quickly

Text can be effective at providing in-depth details about your products or services, but not everyone wants to spend a minute or two reading through whatever you wrote on your landing page. Video is different, however, providing information quickly and concisely.

Unlike written content, which can only portray a limited perspective based on the verbiage you use, video can combine images, speech, and text to send a simple message in a fast and easy format. Whether you have carefully-drawn cartoons, live actors and actresses, or a creative use of text and sound effects, a video can share the things that matter with viewers from all walks of life. Video can also break the bounds of reality, easily accomplishing nuances that are a challenge to execute otherwise. And it works – 90% of web users say that video is helpful in the decision-making process.

Appeal to Many Viewers

Not everyone likes to read, but virtually everyone likes watching videos. Text can certainly send a great message – after all, you’ve been reading it throughout this whole article! – but when you want to appeal to the most viewers at one time, video is an excellent choice.

When set up properly, a few seconds of video can say what a few hundred words cannot, providing a clear and concise view into what your company can do without detracting from the overall visitor experience. Almost everyone can relate to videos, putting connections in place that a prospective customer may not even realize otherwise. Tackling both cinephiles and those who’d rather watch than read, video can score across all audiences.

Keep Viewers Entertained

What’s more fun to see – a video clip or a block of text? For the most part, standard consumers would much prefer the former. Yes, narrative can be interesting, but rarely is it as captivating as an animated short describing the pros of choosing your company. In fact, according to one study, only 28% of the words on an average web page are actually read; if you favor text alone, you may be wasting your time.

When it comes to entertainment, video wins bar none. If created with the proper approach in mind, video keeps customers wanting more, even while providing a snapshot into inner workings of your company. Whether you prefer a summary of your business or a creative quip into why your newsletter is absolutely worth reading for your landing page, customers will stay connected from beginning to end. A video can set up an entire story arc in a matter of seconds, accomplishing a beginning, middle, and end in the same time it takes a written text block to get started.

Highlight a CTA

Want prospective customers to act? Tell them what to do!

Videos are great for getting a point across quickly and clearly, and that includes your call to action. If you want customers to respond a certain way, whether that means signing up for your newsletter, enrolling in a promotion, or subscribing to your blog, tell them exactly what to do and why to do it. Calls to action can be employed in numerous different ways in your videos, including vocally as part of the script or voiceover, via text or subtitles overlaying the images in your video, or through a clickable button incorporated into or near your presentation itself. No matter what method you choose, be sure your video makes your point exceptionally clear in order to see the growth you have in mind.

The Secret to a Great Landing Page

Whether you’re advertising a product or service, trying to collect customer contact information for a newsletter, or adding customers to a communications list for promos and future events, the right approach to your landing page can make a world of difference. When you want a concept that truly stands out, video is the way to go. Providing a unique alternative to text that can entertain viewers, offer information quickly and effectively, and show off the brand you’ve worked so hard to build, video is the magic solution your page needs to succeed.

An animated short or creative overview that describes your company, your offerings, and what your landing page offers can prove to be the marketing secret you’ve been missing, no matter what you’re looking to gain.

Want a video that leaves your competitors in the dust? Contact Jumbla today and see what our animation and video creation pros can put together for you!


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