Jumbla’s Mission at Edgar’s Mission

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Here at Jumbla, we’re all about lending a hand – one of the many perks of being part of the Jumbla team is our volunteer day. Volunteer day sees a group of Jumbla employees take the day off work – well, animating work, anyway. Instead of a regular day in the office, the teams head off site, to donate their time and efforts to a worthy cause. Last month, a Jumbla team – made up of David, Elena, Alyssa and Christie – headed up to northern Victoria, to help out at Edgar’s Mission, a brilliant charity promoting and practicing love, respect and kindness to all earth’s creatures.

To hear all about their day, check out this guest post from Christie, Jumbla’s resident hair icon and animal lover (and amazing animator, of course).



Founded by Pam Ahern, and named after Edgar, her first rescued pig, Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals. From the tiniest chicks to the plumpest pigs, this is what some of the lucky ones call home: not usually something that chickens, goats, lambs, cows or pigs are familiar with. But thankfully, this safehaven of love and respect allows the lucky few to be sheltered from the reality of the world we live in, and find their forever homes.

On a rainy day in September, Jumbla’s first volunteering team made the trek to Lancefield, to give back to this wonderful, yet undervalued cause.

The rain couldn’t dampen our excitement, which had us wide-eyed and marvelling at the countryside’s beautiful landscapes. When we arrived, we were greeted by Peter Gaffney, who has worked with Edgar’s Mission for over five years. In a timely reprieve from the rain, Peter took the opportunity to take us on a tour to meet the animals.



While the deer were timid and camera shy, the goats came charging! From their custom built housing atop a hill, what seemed like 50 goats came bounding straight for us! But they were more friendly and loving than even most people, greeting us with friendly ‘baaahs’, and walking alongside us hand in fur.


After all the merriment, it was time to work! We painted big wooden poles, that are to be used in World Animal Day. However, some of us painted our jackets and pants instead… David, we’re looking at you! We made for a well-oiled production line, as all of us cleared the barn and packed Christmas cards. It was quite fun, as our competitive nature got the better of us…




After a hard day’s work of not working too hard at all, Peter introduced us to the kids and baby lambs. As it started to rain again, they all huddled together in the dry enclosure. They played with us, ate some of our pamphlets and even jumped on our backs! In that moment, it was pure bliss, love and joy.

It was a day we could give back to the animals. Not by simply painting poles, or folding Christmas cards… But by telling their stories. The beautiful animals we saw were a rebirth of their former abused selves. It takes a lot for these beautiful creatures to forgive and trust humans again. It is a show of their truly innocent and precious natures that they do so at all.

It’s easy to ignore the most vulnerable in society – but we can all be led by the example of these intelligent animals. They remind us that our everyday choices and actions can have a huge impact – for better, or for worse – upon others. Every day, every action is a vote for what we truly believe in. Every purchase can help eliminate suffering or fuel it.

Thank you so much to everyone who keeps amazing places like Edgar’s Mission running. Thank you so much to Peter and Pam, for allowing us into their homes, and taking the time to talk with us along the way. It was the most eye-opening experience, and I encourage everyone to visit and volunteer – and think about how you, like everyone at Edgar’s Mission, can make the world a better place.

You can support the amazing work of Edgar’s Mission by volunteering at the sanctuary, sponsoring an animal, or adopting a furry or feathered friend of your very own. Visit the Edgards Mission website to find out more.

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