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Last year our friends at The Shannon Company briefed us on their Industry SuperFund TV spot in time for the cricket. Here’s the spot in case you missed it, although it’s hard to miss with that recognisable “Wide World of Sports” theme track!

ISA – Cricket Match from Jumbla on Vimeo.


This year they briefed us to create the same ISF TV spot but for the AFL Footy season, and this time it uses the much recognisable and classic “When The Big Men Soar” track!

ISA Footy TVC from Jumbla on Vimeo.

Creative Brief

The original brief was to show an iconic sporting match which was a bit tongue and cheek, whilst, incorporating ISF’s prolific “Compare the Pair” format. The format where the VO says, “Same age, same income, same super contribution” then two speedometers come up comparing the two characters, with the ISF character victorious and putting their hand in a diamond shape to reveal the ISF logo. If you watch TV, this format would be very familiar to you.


Character Development

The agency provided their original character concepts, which were little squishy beans without any distinct shape or colour. As they were non-human characters we had to make them relatable and engaging. So we developed characters with their own unique personalities and traits, and injected a lot of expressions and distinguishable clothes and accessories. We developed ‘The Streaker’ who runs across the field naked, ‘The Hipster’ on his phone, The Fat Bogan’ and ‘The Kids with Watermelon Hats’.


Environment Development

To assure the audience immediately felt like they were at a major sporting event, whether a cricket match or footy match our illustrators drew stylised version of SCG with it’s old cricket towers and colour palette, and adjusted this to MCG with footy goal posts.



The characters and scenes were made in Illustrator and textured in Photoshop. The assets were then transferred into After Effects. The assets were set up in 3D layers so as to create natural parallax with background and foreground objects. After distributing the layers to 3D space we put a camera into the scene with focal distance to give it natural depth of field.

All characters were rigged up using the puppet tool. We then parented the nulls to create an inverse kinematic rig. They were animated in real time, but we time re-mapped to create the slow motion effect of the cricket catch and footy mark.


Web Videos

The agency wanted to continue the use of their squishy bean characters across ISF’s print and digital executions. This meant we produced a series of web videos and pre rolls. We developed new characters, again assuring these character had their own unique personality and traits. The fun component of the web videos was drawing different mouth shapes to assure the voice over was in-sync with the characters. All up about 10 different mouth shapes were used to create the look of mouth moving.

Industry Super Australia – Couch Men from Jumbla on Vimeo.

Industry Super Australia – Employer from Jumbla on Vimeo.


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