Jumbla’s Animation for Cricket Australia

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As part of Cricket Australia’s latest strategy to promote cricket, we recently made up this video to tell the story of the sport in Australia. 

Cricket Australia – Strategy Plan from Jumbla on Vimeo.


We were given a brief to create a video that would raise sportsmanship and participation within cricket around the country through the use of a simple narrative. Cricket Australia wanted a video that would explain their strategy to promote national interest in the sport for both players and spectators, regardless of their age, gender or cultural background. 

Cricket Australia screen shot 1


Cricket Australia wanted to share the message of how they are planning to make cricket Australia’s number one sport. They want to encourage attendance, media coverage and participation in the sport within communities around the country.

Cricket Australia screen shot 2 

From a visual point of view, we decided to show the journey of a boy who comes to represent Australia on the world stage. He is first seen watching his cricketing heroes on TV as a young boy and then is shown training and playing throughout his teens before finally playing in front thousands in a major stadium as his childhood idols once did. 

Cricket Australia story board Cricket Australia story board 2 Cricket Australia story board 3

Along the way we were able to show local training grounds, media participation and support that comes from parents, fellow team mates and supporters. All of this represents Cricket Australia’s goals and vision for how they want cricket to be received and enjoyed around the country in an engaging and original way.


We wanted to show a variety of characters from all walks of life that people can relate to and connect with. This was important as we needed to show that cricket is an inclusive and diverse sport that accepts anyone at all levels.

Cricket Australia screen shot 3


The video was produced as a 2D animation in After Effects. A big focus was on making the characters and scenes colourful and vivid to engage viewers and help to push Cricket Australia’s positive message.

We hope through our storytelling of a young boy’s journey in cricket, we are able to inspire everyone from all walks to embrace cricket as their favourite sport.

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