Jumbla takes the crew for a ride

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Luna Park is more than just a gigantic face in Saint Kilda whose mouth you can walk through.  It’s an historic amusement park that’s been open for more than 100 years, and the home of 20 rides. Not to mention, a company we’re proud to have worked with on this TV commercial.  



luna park general

Recently we decided it would be the perfect place for our end-of-month catch up. Except Dileepa, our 3D motion graphics designer.  He definitely didn’t think that.

Dileepa simply isn’t a fan of sitting inside things that travel fast or upside down. But, after surviving BOTH the Spider and the roller coaster, he admits the evening was a great chance for him to conquer his fears.

“I was dizzy and nauseous, but amazingly I didn’t throw up – I think that’s a good achievement,” Dileepa says, from the comfort of his desk, days after his heartrate subsided.


Dileepa, second from left, assesses how high the rides are

luna-rail-compile800With a hand on his shoulder for moral support, Dileepa (rear, right) survived!  Champion!


The adrenaline-fuelled Luna Park trip was a stark contrast to the previous month’s crew catch up – an afternoon of relaxing at the beach in Port Melbourne.

Fish and chips, volleyball and team games were all featured during this glorious day in the sun.


Dileepa (far left) looking not dizzy at all at the beach

Nat, our resident party planner (she’s just naturally very organised. We once heard her say across the office “aren’t spreadsheets just great?”) says, “It’s great to hang out as friends and not just colleagues.”

“We thought we’d stay for an hour or two, but no one wanted to leave.  In the end most of the crew were still on the sand doing human pyramids at 9:30PM.”

volleyball 2

Frankie, you’re meant to hit the ball towards the other team

fish and chips

Our next team outing will be to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  It’ll no doubt be a laugh.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our careers page to find out more about working with us. You could make our human pyramid taller next time we visit the beach.


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