Jumbla showcased at the first ever Geelong Environmental Film Festival

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It’s the city where Missy Higgins grew up.  The birthplace of Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett and actress Portia de Rossi.  No doubt, Victoria’s second largest city – Geelong – is an artistic place.

In addition to being a vibrant yet understated cultural hub, it’s also home to rich scenery and coastline – which makes Geelong the fitting location to create a film festival dedicated solely to the environment.

The theme for the 2016 inaugural Geelong Environmental Film Festival is “Creative Arts and Ecology”.

Jumbla is thrilled to have had three works presented during the festival, with our Co-founder and Creative Director Callan Woolcock invited to speak on an animation panel.

“We’re always happy to get out in the community and talk about animation to anyone, anywhere,” says Callan. “I’m proud of what we’ve done as a company in such a short time, it was an awesome experience being able to share the work we’ve done with charities.”

The Jumbla works presented were:

Zoos Victoria: “Making Extinction Extinct”


This award-winning piece involved live action footage, 2D and 3D animation.  It tells the story of what Zoos Victoria is trying to accomplish with its Fighting Extinction program.  

For a full project breakdown and credits, click here.

FairShare: “Rescuing Food, Fighting Hunger”


This video was produced as part of the Jumbla internship program.  We’re thrilled to say the intern who worked on this, Glen, has since joined us as a junior animator.

For more information about the program, check this out!

Sustainable Table: “Give A Fork”


Sustainable Table is an innovative non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable eating for the betterment of our planet.  Jumbla helped promote its message around the world.

For a full project breakdown and credits, head over here.

The film festival was about more than simply “showing” animated, short and feature films.  It was also about connecting groups which may otherwise have never found themselves in the same room: from filmmakers and creative artists, to environmental groups and researchers.  

It’s about tapping into new possibilities for communicating environmental messages – something Jumbla is keen to explore further.

Client Services Manager, Steven Bradshaw, says “the Geelong Environmental Film Festival has been a great opportunity for us to speak about our involvement with charitable organisations, including the internship program and several environmentally-focused projects.”

“In 2015, Jumbla Studios donated over 1300 studio hours to charities including the Peter Mac Foundation, Fair Share and the Widows’ Cause.  We hope to double our charitable efforts in 2016.”

Jumbla hopes to catch you at the next Geelong Environmental Film Festival!


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