Jumbla Academy is here!

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Jumbla Academy

(Jum-bla A-ka-dem-eee)

Proper Noun

An institution for educating individuals who are looking to take the next step in the animation and motion graphics industry

“Jumbla Academy is the radest place to learn animation and things”


The much anticipated launch of Jumbla Academy has finally arrived!

In short, Jumbla is opening its doors, to let in 6 aspiring animators and motion graphics artists for a 13 week, 2 days a week course that will get them from uni straight into a career in the animation industry.

We even have a whole page of all the amazing things we are offer right here! Go on, check it out, we will wait here while you read through the Academy page… Or if nothing else, at least watch the video:

So now you know about all the cool things that are on offer, like the mentoring program, the ability to come into the studio at any time during office hours, the networking opportunity, oh the list goes on! If you want to sign up, head over here and scroll to the bottom of the page!

Callan (our creative director) has a few things to say about the initiative “When we started Jumbla in 2011 one of our goals was to grow our small industry by teaching and developing aspiring motion designers. We have been doing this through our internship program for a couple of years, however we always intended start a university-like course that focused specifically on motion graphics and animation. This course is designed for those who want to start a career as a motion graphics / animation all-rounder. We want the course to replicate as closely as possible the actual working environment of our studio, but ultimately this is greater than just Jumbla – this for the industry. We want to point people in the right direction so they have a good all-round knowledge of the most commonly used software, techniques and creative problems they might face on a day-to-day basis, so when they eventually get work they know what to expect.”

As you can tell, Jumbla Academy is kind of a big deal in here. And everyone is excited, especially Steve ‘All Rounder’ Bradshaw “I’m so excited for the Jumbla Academy Initiative. As the HR guy I see so many talented animators showreels come in and while they’re all good, there’s a bit of a missing link between uni and the realities of working in a full time studio that is evident. This course allows them to bridge that gap and get them “job ready” which will be great for the industry and selfishly for Jumbla, it gives us a way to find and develop new talent.”

We truly believe this course offers recent graduates exactly what they need to delve into the animation and motion graphics industry – and what better way to do that than to learn in the heart of the Jumbla studio!

Andrew, our managing director is very excited about this new venture, “We know that getting that first job out of uni can be really difficult – especially if you don’t have any studio experience. Every day we meet recent grads who don’t know what they need to work on in order to get their folio job-ready. That’s why we’re so excited to be offering Jumbla Academy to the future stars of our industry. This course is designed specifically to make the job market more accessible to new grads by teaching them techniques used in working studios. It’s all about up-skilling junior animators and motion graphics artists to make their work stand out to prospective employers. ”

So there you have it – Jumbla Academy – tell everyone because spots are limited and filing fast!


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