Jumbla Academy is in session!

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Our studio is always buzzing – but as of last week there’s been an additional buzz.  It must be because seven aspiring animators have arrived for the freshly rolled out Jumbla Academy.  We’ve loved having them around, and we suspect they don’t mind us either. Just a week in, they’ve already approached us with some rave reviews for the program!

Ryan Thomas says he enjoys being in an environment where the latest in animation trends are happening.  He says, “Even after just one day I’ve learned many things I didn’t know.  I’m really excited to continue the course and see how much more I can learn.”

“The idea of having a mentor is really cool – it’s nice to be able to chat to someone about how they got into the industry.  Also, the workspaces are impressive, with dual monitors, pen tablets and headphones,” he adds.

The students seem to be enjoying the relaxed environment here. We’ve noticed them mixing with our animators, even occasionally beating them at table tennis and on our PS4.

Mei Teo says, “One of the highlights was the around the world ping-pong match we held during the lunch break.”

“The people are so friendly”, says fellow student Sue Zero, “Professor Lahiru and my mentor Elena are very patient and kind. I really love the beautiful studio and Harvey the dog!”  

“While I already use Adobe Illustrator in other courses I’ve done, the practical and detailed tips I’ve learned at Jumbla have been really helpful – sometimes surprising too,” she says.

The program runs for 13 weeks and students come in 2 days a week.  They’ll continue general learning for another 5 weeks, before spending 6 weeks working on their own character animations and mock client briefs.  Among these is a 15 second video where students are encouraged to be creative and apply the elements they’ve been taught – including 3D.

In week 13, students will turn their attention to the industry – compiling their own folio and showreel.  They’ll learn presentation tips and receive advice on what studios are really looking for when hiring new talent.

Student Alexander Stojkovski says “I’m most interested in character rigging in After Effects. It’s completely new territory for me. If the first day of Illustrator is any indication, we’ll pick up rigging pretty quickly.”

“A huge thing to note is how nice and approachable all the creatives are. John sat down with me to give some killer advice on animation, illustration and design.  It felt like a warm welcome into the studio,” he says.

Our creative director, Callan, says the program helps fulfil one of the goals Jumbla’s had since it started in 2011.

“We’ve always wanted to grow this small industry by teaching aspiring motion designers.  Our internship program has allowed us to do this for some time, but it’s great to now take it to the next level, and run a university-style course that teaches animation in great depth, while also having a practical element of putting students in a real studio-based working environment.”

“We’ve loved seeing the natural talent some of these students already have, but also can’t wait to see where we can take them.”

If you’re interested, why not consider joining the next cohort?  Second semester starts on August 2, 2016.  Visit the Academy page to find out more, or to request an information pack.


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