Jumbla Academy is now a Cinema 4D training course

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As one of Jumbla’s core applications, we know all about the awesomeness of Cinema 4D. Training course material provided by publisher MAXON is equally awesome, but it’s a far cry from the hands-on learning experience offered in a real studio.

This got us thinking…why aren’t we sharing Cinema 4D’s impressive capabilities with our Jumbla Academy students?

So that’s exactly what we’ve done!

From next semester (starting 20 November), Jumbla Academy will feature a module on Cinema 4D.

Don’t worry if you’ve never delved into this immersive 3D world before. Just like every other aspect of Jumbla Academy, you’ll be taught from the ground-up, learning the basics first before moving on to more advanced techniques.

We grabbed a quick word with Creative Director Cal Woolcock for more insight into Cinema 4D, and why it’s a must-have resource in the modern animator’s toolkit.


Why Jumbla Academy is introducing Cinema 4D training

Cal says Cinema 4D is the perfect stepping stone into the world of 3D modelling and motion graphics, predicting the trend will only intensify.

“We started off very heavily in the 2D realm, which included the main focus of Jumbla Academy – After Effects,” reveals Cal. “But over the years, we have expanded our offering and brought in new talent that allows us to use software like Cinema 4D.

“There’s quite an extensive list of projects that have used Cinema 4D. A lot of these utilise both 3D and 2D motion graphics.”

In fact, Jumbla is receiving an increasing number of requests for 3D motion graphic projects, as brands move to enhance the appeal of their animations with a more engaging aesthetic.

“Cinema 4D is pretty much an essential these days for motion graphics,” says Cal. “It’s really powerful and allows us to create anything we need.

“It’s also important for us to teach the next generation of designers about relevant industry tools.”

And they don’t get more relevant than Cinema 4D. With the hands-on experience Jumbla Academy affords, students receive a working knowledge of Cinema 4D and After Effects (and a job-ready showreel to ace that next interview!).


Cinema 4D and Jumbla Studios

Several Jumbla projects have called for the use of both Cinema 4D and After Effects to produce a mixture of 3D and 2D motion graphics.

This web video for Knog is a perfect example. It features a true-to-life 3D render of the product, created in Cinema 4D, along with detailed streetscapes and scenarios built using After Effects.

Juggling both disciplines is made easier by Cinema 4D’s seamless integration with After Effects. It also shares a similar interface and features the same intuitiveness, meaning After Effects users can hit the ground running with Cinema 4D.

“We’re really excited about bringing Cinema 4D to Jumbla Academy and hope you are too,” Cal said.

The first semester to feature Cinema 4D will start the week commencing Monday 20 November.

Download a Jumbla Academy info pack today to find out how you can reserve your seat.

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