Jumbla Unveils 2017 Animation & Motion Graphics Showreel

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Time flies when you’re having fun, right? It seems like only yesterday that we were waving goodbye to 2016 in anticipation for another exciting 12 months.

Our latest showreel highlights our favourite animation, motion graphics, video production, and cinematic projects from the first half of 2017.

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Choosing which projects should feature

As always, it was incredibly difficult deciding which projects should feature on our 2017 showreel.

However, those making the cut showcased the breadth of the studio’s animation and motion graphics capabilities.

At the same time, the 2017 showreel offers an insight into the unique and imaginative identities of each of our creatives.

Creative thoughts on Jumbla’s 2017 showreel

“We’ve been doing so much work in the last year and it’s really varied,” Creative Director Oz said. “We’ve tried to develop our eclectic style and skillset in 2017 and mix up the combinations of artists working on projects.

“There have been several jobs where we’ve had 2D and 3D departments collaborate on projects and this brings about a whole new approach to our work.”

Oz also revealed that unlike other years, Jumbla wanted to combine every discipline into one package, rather than creating separate showreels for each.

“It’s almost like a playblast of the last year or so at Jumbla,” he added. “We liked the idea of 3D renders cut up against 2D animation, then hand drawn cell animation next to something techy and data driven.

“We also chose music that could be interpreted at different paces, so sometimes it’s cut at half time and sometimes we are double time.”

As for condensing it into just one minute, Oz and the team made sure only the very best sequences made the final cut.

“We put all of the work on the timeline and it came to around 20 mins, so we literally reduced it to all our favourite bits to give a real overview of what we’ve been doing.”

The future of animation at Jumbla

“A few of our best jobs are either in production or not live yet,” Oz said.

“So keep your eyes peeled for more work or even another reel, as things are getting better.”

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