Dressed to impress: wow your clients at your next event with event graphics

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As the clichéd adage goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression. While this idea generally refers to meeting another person or group of people, it can most certainly relate to your business as well. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re meeting, the image your business shows to the world is incredibly important. A sloppy display, an awkward interaction, or an outdated, inadequate presentation can’t say anything good, no matter how positive your intentions.

The need to make a great first impression is always true, but your presence at a corporate event can carry more weight. When working with others in your industry or those who may be on the lookout for a long-term partnership, the image you portray may be the stepping stone to a beautiful relationship or, unfortunately, the exact opposite.

Instead of risking the reputation of your business on a few minutes of face time, taking the right approach to your image matters. With animated graphics, you can develop a persona that’s hard to miss, capturing imagination and sophistication simultaneously in a modern and memorable display.

Why Graphics Matter

In a world of live action and stationary imagery, animated graphics are the lone standout in a sea of dry, stale concepts. Used heavily at the time of the inception of the technology, animation and graphics use has largely fallen by the wayside. As such, today it exists as a one of a kind alternative to commonplace ideals in a world of uniformity.

In corporate event planning, your brand needs to do more than make a lasting impression. It needs to stand out, of course, but it needs to do so in a way that drowns out your competition. You need something special, and that something is events graphics.

Modernise Your Brand

What says more to you: a simple, streamlined PowerPoint presentation, or dynamic, creative graphics? The answer should be easy, but if you’re not sure, the use of graphics can most certainly help you stand apart.

Early graphics were drawn by hand and extremely rudimentary, but today’s technology is vastly different. With graphics, anything is possible; if you can envision it, you can make it reality. Introducing your brand, your products, your services, and your corporate identity is extremely effective with the assistance of computerised, customised graphics. From a detailed, sophisticated logo presentation to a highly advanced series of transitions and special effects, you can ensure your company portrays an unparalleled modern image.

Increase Prestige

No matter your corporate identity, from young and fresh to collected and conservative, your brand needs to exude confidence and reliability. This can be accomplished in many ways with varying degrees of success, from professionally curated literature to a well-written speech or presentation. For a more decisive impact, event graphics can be utilised to enhance the prestige associated with your brand.

Graphics may be an industry standard for some, but for others, employing creativity throughout an event operation or presentation can say a lot about your business. Initially, it can highlight the time involved; designing custom graphics is hardly quick or easy. Secondly, a use of graphics can represent a dedication to quality, demonstrating a desire to ensure every job is done, and done right.

Enhance Recall

What are you more likely to remember: a simple, no-frills presentation, or a thrilling, masterfully-assembled event complete with high end graphics? The latter, of course, is the answer. For brands who truly want to make a mark on viewers, exciting event graphics can be a highly effective way of doing so.

For all companies, from new businesses to the most notable brands, one of the largest collective fears is obscurity. As history has shown, even some of the world’s most well-known names have faded away into nothing, solidifying the reality of advertising in the modern world. When you want to avoid a similar fate, you need a reason to keep your name at the forefront.

Get People Talking

To some, any rumour, whether good, bad, or neutral, is seen as great publicity. For others, including businesses who wish to continue operating long into the future, this doesn’t ring quite as true. Talk is only valuable when there’s something good to say.

When you want to get people talking, you need to leave them with a lasting impression. Much like Apple’s impressive keynote addresses, which draw hundreds of representatives from countless tech journals, news publications, and industry startups, the right use of graphics can illustrate widespread legitimacy. And this, of course, is the perfect way to spread your name. When your presentations make a statement to event attendees, both potential customers and current competitors, you have the added advantage of word of mouth marketing. Should leaders in your industry talk, others will surely listen.

Graphics may seem like a minor step in a major presentation, but the this couldn’t be further from the truth. A personalised graphics presentation, whether featured in your branding or infused throughout your event, can make a big difference in your reputation, from highlighting your strengths to getting people talking. With the ability to modernise your brand, enhance recall, and increase prestige, there’s no reason to shy away from a sure-fire strategy.

Check out our latest event graphics in our showreel below:

Professional-calibre event graphics are impressive, but can often be challenging to implement. When you want to turn over control to an experienced, capable video marketing team, we’re ready and waiting to assist. Contact Jumbla today to see the magic we can work for you and your brand!

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