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So you’ve come so far. You have realized the importance of web videos to the point that you’ve made one yourself! Now that you’ve got it. What to do with it. STOP. Don’t just upload it with no other marketing efforts. At the very least, read this first and then upload it, that way, when it doesn’t take off you’ll know why for next time.

Here are some things that you can do to help the chances of your video spreading to your target market.

The video alone won’t get you the reach you’re looking for

Sure, you worked really hard to create a really good video. The script is tight, the animation is great, and it’s ready to go. Post to YouTube, check. Now we just wait… Wrong. The video alone will not take off, if you want it to make a real impact, you have to give it a helping hand.

Understand the internet

Before anything, you need to know how things gain momentum on the internet. People won’t just stumble upon your video. You need to generate some leads. Increasing the amount of leads to your video will trigger YouTube’s algorithm leading to your video to be seen by others. The same works with other social networks like Facebook, the more people that share your video, the more that Facebook respects it and gives it priority to other posts.

Keep it short

People are time-poor. Well, at least they think they are. Play to this. If someone clicks play and sees that it is a 10 minute video, they will most likely turn it off instantly. A 5 minute video might get a quick glance. Ideally, keep your video under 2 minutes. This is more important than you might think. Length of video can really be a detractor for views.

Think about the SEO

What are people searching for in Google? You will be needing a title that is simple and obvious to your customer, as soon as they see the title, they know what they are in for. The easiest way to figure this out, is to finish this sentence, in the simplest form “Check out the video of ______”. That blank is your title. SEO does not end there, make sure that you fill your video description with all the clear keywords.

Note: What I was saying earlier about getting leads to your video – yeah, that also helps your Google ranking!


This is key. Share your video everywhere. Do not delay this. 1000 views over 10 weeks is nothing, 1000 views in the first week is excellent. Make sure that you are sharing your video on all of your social channels. Put it in an eDM. Call in the favours from your partner brands, get them to share it. Anyone else who was involved – the production company, the voice overs, the music, everyone – get them to share it!

Do it at the start of the week

This might seem like a strange concept but it is relatively simple. People don’t spend nearly as much time on technology over the internet as they do during the week. Launching a video on a Friday is not really going to get any hits over the weekend, launch your video on a Monday or a Tuesday. Give it the chance to perform.

Tell a convincing story – evoke emotion

I’ve left this one to last, but it is by far the most important. Your video has to be interesting. Nothing is going to be shared if it is not someway interesting. This could be through many ways. Is it surprising, awe inspiring, shocking – make it interesting.

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