Jumbla is one of Melbourne’s most creative and design-focused film production companies. We are driven by insight, creativity, and craft. We believe a culmination of our creative thinking and technical smarts are what sets us apart.

We want to learn about your business, your brand, and where you want to go; it is a combination of these that lead us to crafting your video. We are valued for our insight, our creativity, and our experience, and the caring team behind your video production.

Our complete film production creative service operates from within our agency located in Melbourne, from live action footage for TV commercials, web videos, and internal communications, to animation and motion graphics. We are so confident in the ability of our experienced and diverse team. Our team of producers, directors, and graphic design artists are dedicated to producing the ultimate in video production. We understand the power of video and we want to harness this power to the advantage of your business.

Video is engaging, enlightening, and unique. Video retains site visitors and returns customers unlike any other medium. We are motivated by our results, and by the satisfaction of our varied clients. We can help your business grow. Harness the power of film production companies in Melbourne wanting to increase your business and contact us to talk the latest in creative video today.


Jumbla is an Award-Winning Film Production Company. Get in touch about your next project


Creative Film Broadcast Design - Jumbla






Whether it is a live television show, a web series or something completely different; our broadcast design team create high-quality graphics for award winning television shows.

  • Show Openers, Introductions and title sequences.
  • Lower thirds, two-way boxes and title plates.
  • Commercial Breakers
  • Template delivery for easy customisation
  • Ready for live streaming


Combining motion graphics and stunning visual effects with live action footage, we are able to create stunning footage for of any advertising campaign. Perfect for TVCs, web videos and internal communications.

  • Film production
  • TVCs
  • Web videos
  • High-end video production
  • Music videos


Film production creative animation - Jumbla




Film post production services - jumbla





Enhance the quality of your film production with our range of post-production services including; animation, motion graphics, visual effects, rotoscoping, compositing, editing, colour grading, voice overs, sound effects and music.

  • 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics
  • Visual Effects and compositing
  • Editing and colour grading
  • Voice overs, sound effects, music
  • Increase production and exceed clients expectations