EOME: The team goes bowling

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Guest post from Alyssa Smedley – also known as Jumbla’s very own Tea Expert – enjoy!

On a cold, bustling winter’s night, the bright eyed, bushy tailed cast of Jumbla ventured forth to determine their one true bowling champion.

Divisions were split amongst the group from the moment they left the sanctuary of their warm office. With trains out for the evening, it was every man/woman for themself. Squeezing into trams filled with the stench of a long working week, we were off to a rough start.

Bright lights and pumping beats met us at the door of Melbourne Central Strike. It was time for the Jumbla crew to put on their dancing shoes. Velcro has never looked so good!

The lanes were set, bowling balls weighed, glasses filled – the game was on.

With three lanes competing in two games, there were six nominations for challenger up for grabs. But only one could be crowned champion of the alley.

The games started light and friendly. As each pin fell, an eruption of applause flew through the venue. “I can’t even remember the last time I went bowling!” Christie casually shook off a spectacular early strike as “no big deal”.

As the first game heated up, lane three started to take a serious beating. Young Jimmy’s brute strength could not be contained, proving too much for the lane which trembled in his wake. A halt in play was called as staff in labcoats ran from every direction to secure the lane.

At round one’s end we had our first trio of challengers. Steve and Christie were clear defenders of their territory, smashing the competition in their respective lanes. In lane three we had a tight battle between Elena and Matty with the final call being made on screen, Elena being named victor.

The lanes were hot, arms well wound and confidence brimming – it was time for round two.

In lane three, Matty was on a warpath for vindication. It was his unique bowling style that had his lane crying for mercy. By the end of round two, he was the clear defender of lane three.

In lane two, Christie decided early on that one game alone was not enough of a challenge so initiated a simultaneous game of Giant Jenga. A valiant decision but one that ultimately cost her the championship. With Christie incapacitated, Glenn and Jess busy dancing to Pokemon tunes, Jeric took a chance on a new ball. Strike after strike bowled out before him, winning him glory for lane two.

Lane one was a show not for the faint of heart. There was so much talent in lane one with strikes and spares coming from every competitor. There were trick shots and knee slides, the whole shabang! It was in this, the highest scoring lane of the evening, that Steve was declared champion. The champion of round one, round two and undeniable victor of the evening, it was Steve that was named Jumbla’s 2016 Bowling Champion.


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