EOME: RnDee Night

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Our most recent End of Month Event was more than an RnB Night out on the town… it was a battle on the DEE floor.

For months, motion designer Dileepa (nicknamed Dee) has been taking over our office Spotify computer trying to blast his favourite genre.

He’s changed Westlife to Kanye West, drowned out 1D with Drake and replaced Rihanna with R Kelly.

That’s right, Dee is a huge fan of RnB – in particular, slow jams. For this reason, he has – for months – been petitioning us to make our End of Month Event an RnB night.

Recently, resident party planner Nat agreed it was time. We would do drinks and pizza, before heading over to a hip hop nightclub.

It would’ve been Dee’s glorious chance to have a night in his honour. But sadly, as we finally got around to it, his thunder was TOTALLY stolen.

A new employee has just joined the team. This night out would be her first EOME – and, to make matters worse for Dee – she has his same name.

Danielle – our new producer – has long held the nickname Dee among her own friends.

Dee (the creative) put on a brave face. “I’m just glad we’re finally doing an RnB night,” he says, clearly hiding his dismay at the fact that his thunder has been heartlessly wrenched from his grip.

The rest of the Jumbla crew realised it was war. There was only one to settle the score.

It was decided. There would be a DANCE OFF over office-rights to the name, Dee.

Move over RnB Night, it’s now RnDee night.

Glen even decided to make a poster publicising the event.


Forget Thrilla in Manila, this was all about who would be crowned the Disco DEE-va.

It was hard for us Jumblers to decide who to support.

This is Creative Dee’s music taste to a tee. But then Producer Dee has 23 years of dance experience!

All we could do was witness it ourselves.

On the night, we all arrived and took our seats in the booths.



Meantime, the contestants tore it up on the DEE floor.


Creative Dee: “Bring it”


Producer Dee: “Um… it’s just been brought”

The moves from both parties were simply too good – in fact, we judges were too blown away to think straight.

Both Dees’ chest pops were too fierce, their body rolls too smooth, their krumps too… krumpy.

In the end, with tiredness gradually sinking in, we simply couldn’t agree on a winner.


For now, the name Dee remains up for grabs. We may need to settle this over karaoke.

The team at Jumbla is growing – get in touch if you’re interested in applying to join us. We’d love to hear from you, even if your name is Dee.

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