Effective communication: Using an animated internal comms video to train, inform, and advise your employees

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How would you prefer to receive business updates, new training, and corporate policies and procedures: an endlessly long PDF, or an engaging animated video?

The answer should be obvious, but too many companies miss the memo.

If you’ve ever held a job before, you’re more than likely familiar with the state of internal communications at both large and small companies around the world. Despite the creative options available for sharing information, framing financial and business goals, and providing job-specific training, many companies favour dry, legal language, live action training videos, and overlooked internal emails to spread what should be lively, exciting information.

Looking for something different? Animated communications can be the jump start your company needs.

Communication in Business

Ever fallen asleep in a corporate training session? Ever had someone fall asleep in your training sessions?

Many companies rely on bare minimums, passing out dry, hard-to-get-through documents and paperwork outlining nothing but the necessities. Yes, some employees read them in full, but when eyes start to glaze over before the bottom of the first page, you need a different way to get through to your employees.

All businesses know, or should know, at least, that what they say to internal staff matters. However, many executives get caught up on the outside rather than the inside, devoting the best resources and most creative processes to clients and customers rather than their own team members. While this may seem sensible from a revenue to cost ratio, it’s actually counterproductive: without a team of great employees, there’s only so much your business can do.

Employees don’t start out as loyal, loving supporters; they have to be made that way. When done right, the process begins early, generally during the first few days at a company. If employees feel valued and favoured from the very start, it’s far easier to keep them dedicated and engaged. The obvious beginning? Training and corporate communication.

By enforcing a welcoming, friendly brand from the onset, you can make every step of the process easier. Showing employees their value, cementing corporate goals, and communicating effectively, animated video content is the perfect solution to the problem you didn’t know you had.

The Benefits of Animation

When you want to invest in your internal communications, build loyalty, and keep your team members on their toes, animation is the answer. Fast, fun, and far more effective than PDF required reading, the right video can be the secret ingredient necessary to set your team apart from the rest. With many benefits to offer your business, your corporate culture, and the engagement of your team, video can unlock the amazing potential to move your team ahead.

Relatable Material

Sometimes, it can be hard for disinterested employees to pay attention to the point of company presentations and generic training on commonplace subjects. Despite your best intentions, these processes can often push employees away instead of bringing them closer into the fold.

Video, however, stands apart from a PowerPoint presentation or a typical Times New Roman document. Video is relatable, sending a message in an easily-consumed format that makes your employees say “that could be me” instead of “why am I here?” Whether you’re reinforcing your policy against bribery and client gifts or reminding team members why they shouldn’t open email attachments from strangers, anything you put in video format is immediately easier to process.

Interesting and Engaging

Even if you’re deeply invested in what you’re trying to say, your employees may not feel the same way. For busy professionals, bland corporate documents can often feel like a chore or burden rather than a benefit. Some presentations or policy documents can get a little wordy, resulting in a room of barely awake employees.

When you want to wow your team with your brilliance rather than put them to sleep with your monotony, video is the perfect way to keep every member of your staff on the edge of their seats. No matter what message you want to send, animation can keep everyone interested and engaged.

Even commonplace and less exciting concepts can be enhanced with the presence of video. Take, for instance, this enchanting ANZ SBOS explainer video on the history of organisation in small business banking. While not an inherently captivating subject, this charming short brings the topic to life, keeping viewers watching until the very end.

Branding Opportunity

Your corporate brand is a major asset to your business, serving as something that helps you stand apart from the competition. However, some companies shed the importance of brand internally, assuming that their employees know how to portray a company image. Unfortunately, this can actually be divisive, pushing employees away from the central goals and concepts that they should be committed to achieving.

Keeping your communications consistent isn’t always easy, but animation can make a difference, providing a blank canvas upon which you can illustrate the exact message you wish to send. Animation provides a creative and effective way to capture branding in your corporate communications, sending a valuable message in a format upon which your team can build emotional connections and brand loyalty. For example, Cricket Australia’s goal-oriented summary video is both inspiring and informative, keeping team members engaged with brand efforts and corporate achievements.

Flexible Format

Video is a highly versatile medium, giving creative visionaries the power to illustrate virtually anything through the power of images. Animation takes this a step further, breaking the boundaries of reality to bring any idea under the sun to life. From aliens and magical fairies to futuristic Earth-dwellers and life in ancient Egypt, animated video can make it all happen.

Whether you want to draw a correlation between your company’s mission and The Lord of the Rings or you’d like to illustrate your internal email policy as a 1920s film noir-style mystery, animation can let your creativity run wild. With the ability to illustrate any concept in any way necessary, you can find the perfect balance between entertainment and information. With true flexibility of format, you have the freedom to communicate in unique ways your employees will love.

Multipurpose Applications

Internal communications come in many formats, from employee onboarding to refresher training. Whether you share critical information once a year at an annual conference, present keynotes routinely as new issues arise, or cram everything in during new hire training, there’s plenty out there that you need to communicate to your team.

Luckily, animated video makes this easy. Virtually any correspondence, from new policies to news of a major acquisition, can be shared through the art of video, allowing you to create a dynamic and effective approach to team building and information distribution. Whether your vision includes a whole series of videos to take the place of training documents or an annual summary of accomplishments, goals, and strategies, there’s no shortage to the value video can provide to your brand.

When you make the time to invest in employees, they’re more likely to invest in you. Taking a fun, interesting, and out of the norm approach to internal communications can be the catalyst for change, helping you to build employee loyalty, passion, and performance. After all, who wants to read a boring pamphlet when there are animated movies to watch? Through personalised, brand-specific animation, we are able to create an experience internal team members will want to watch, time and time again. Isn’t that what every business leader hopes for?

Want to change your company culture for the better? Jumbla has been helping companies to create exciting internal communication footage for every purpose, customised to the message you want to pass on. With a team of over 25 animators and motion designers with extensive technical expertise in both After Effects with Element 3D and Cinema 4D, we can create just about anything your mind can dream up.

Drop us a line today to see what we can put together for you!


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