How to Create a Killer Video Content Strategy

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How many times a day do you stop to check out videos playing on your social media feeds? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a lot. With 100 million hours watched a day on Facebook alone, there’s a reason 2016 is the year of video. With the ability to increase landing page conversions up to 80%, increase click-through rates in emails, and build consumer trust better and faster than the alternative, there’s a lot to be said for what visual content has to offer.

As a result, if your business isn’t in the video content game yet, it’s time to lace up your shoes and hit the field. By not rising to the occasion, you may be losing competitive ground at a rate you didn’t see coming. Here’s what it takes to create a video strategy that works.

Have a Clear Plan of Action

Before you get in the car, you need to know where you’re going. The same concept applies in video marketing. Sit down with the members of your marketing team, and put together a concrete concept. What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want viewers to do when you see your videos? Who are you trying to reach? Where do you want to reach them? And, most importantly, how can video help accomplish your goals? Until you can come up with great answers, put the brakes on production.

Identify Content Needs

A video camera and a good idea are a start, but to truly succeed in video marketing, you need to understand where the gaps lie in your current strategy, and what leaks video can plug. Your video content is a part of a whole, not a standalone asset; your videos should work with the campaigns and concepts you already have in place in order to amplify the message you wish to send to your fans, followers, and viewers. By identifying areas that need a boost, you’ll be better equipped to plan production and distribution.

Keep Consistent With Current Marketing

If your current marketing takes a professional, polished tone and your upcoming video projects feature silly cartoons, viewers are going to get confused. As with all marketing products, your videos must represent your corporate brand, which should be a cohesive, fully-fleshed concept. It’s okay to get creative, but all of your efforts, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, need to align with the face your business presents to the public. Your voice – whether spoken, written, or a combination – always needs to sound the same.

Plan Distribution

If you film and edit a great video and no one is there to see it, have you actually accomplished anything? Putting together your video is only the first step: the second is to make sure it crosses paths with your target audience. Distribution is especially important, ensuring your current and potential customers see your product, engage with your company, and consider making a purchase. Take time for market research to ensure your content is making it to the right people through the right channels.

Engage With Viewers

Watching a,t video is often a passive activity. It doesn’t require any action, can be managed in a matter of seconds, and doesn’t necessitate a response. Video marketing, however, needs an element of activity. Your videos are informational, of course, but that shouldn’t be your end goal. Instead, video content should be used to drive engagement, encouraging viewers to make a time investment in order to receive a benefit. By giving your viewers a way to get involved, whether through comments sections, voting opportunities, polls and feedback forums, and other interaction options, you’re far more likely to see increased interest in what you have to offer.

Create Content Than Can Be Re-purposed

A good video takes an investment, both in time and money. So why limit your content use to one specific purpose? In order to save on your overall objectives, create content with repurposing in mind. This may mean including the same clip or segment in multiple videos in a series, or flexible content that can be used to advertise other promotions, contests, products, or services with a few little tweaks. The ability to reuse content can be extremely valuable, especially when you’re hoping to make a big impact on a tiny budget.

Videos hold great potential for the future of content marketing, providing a captivating way to hold viewer attention while driving engagement (and conversion rates!) with what you have to offer. All videos aren’t made equal, however; when you want to make an impact, you need a strategy centered on success. With a great idea, a little due diligence, and the right approach, there’s no stopping you.

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