Christmas at the Myer Giftorium

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To say we were excited about Christmas at the Jumbla office is an understatement, and the opportunity to work with Myer on this one was a blessing. Together with the Myer Creative Team and Digital Development team, Jumbla was given the role of animating all of Chris Nielsen’s (from The Jacky Winter Group) amazing illustrations for the Myer Giftorium website.

Christmas is an exciting time of year for all, it’s filled with food, drinks and presents. What more could you want.

This year Myer is making life easy for us on the present giving aspect: enter the Myer Giftorium. An online and in-store wonderland of all things Christmas. Including but not limited to personalizing Nutella jars, Santa meet-and-greet, Star Wars pop-up shop, direct emails to Santa and even gifts for your pets.

I strongly suggest visiting the website right now. Here: Myer’s Giftorium. I know, it’s epic.




Now that I’ve got your attention again, this wasn’t always the seamless website that you got to witness. There was a lot of work on perfecting this project. We had two main challenges that we faced during this project:

Website Load Time

As large amounts of traffic are expected through the Giftorium microsite, it was incredibly important that the load time would not detract from the user experience. Hosting 16 different animations on one web page could potentially lead to a problem. Working closely with the Myer Digital team, a solution was found. Turn each animation into a series of frame by frame drawings called Sprite Sheets, the same technology that was used in the 90’s for 8-bit gaming!

Visual cohesion of 16 different animations simultaneously

A difficult task with this one. Somehow managing to ensure that 16 different animations all worked on the same page without looking like Homer Simpsons disaster page. To do this we worked very closely with Jacky Winter’s, Chris Neilson, who illustrated every frame to ensure seamless animation. By testing timings and animation speed, we were able to create a series of animations that compliment rather than detract.

We are pretty pleased with the results, and even more excited about Christmas thanks to Myer!

Feel free to read more about the giftorium here, and good luck with your present shopping!

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