Christmas in the Jumbla studio

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Christmas is finally upon us and the Jumbla team couldn’t be more excited.

This year, our Christmas celebrations may have gone slightly overboard, lets go through what our plans are this year:

Christmas Party – this is the most “normal” plan of our Christmas celebrations, most offices have one of these, with varying levels of alcohol and food, ours will be no different. We will however be having guest performances from Calavera, Big Daddy Kane Rowlingson and the return of DJ Crusador! If you haven’t heard of these guys yet then you’re seriously missing out.

Next thing on the agenda is the Christmas Lunch, these can also be relatively expected from companies, however, most don’t plan their Christmas lunch on the same day as the Christmas party leaving work for the day almost impossible.

To complement this, we will also be having the annual Kris Kringle, with a slight twist, swapping presents will be encouraged. If you have not played or heard of this style of Kris Kringle, do yourself a favour and watch this. This can only end in laughter and tears – anyone else super excited?!


IMG_6866 (1)


Now that may be all for Christmas day (even though it is occurring on the 18th of December) that is certainly not all that we are doing for Christmas. There office has been fully Christmas’ed out – complete with fully decorated Christmas tree, Christmas carols on the spotify playlist, gift wrapping station and a Christmas spirit!

To get some of your creative juices flowing, some of our talented animators made some Christmas gifs just for your enjoyment. Some are sweet, some are not, enjoy:












We are taking some time off, the office will be closed from the 18th to the 4th of January, and as much as we would love to be in the office working on all of your projects, our families are in need of some quality time spent together.

Merry Christmas to all from the Jumbla Team!


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