Jumbla animates Chris Froome in y3llow!

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“I’m back, because I still dream of yellow” – Chris Froome

Two-time Tour De France winner (2013 and 2015) Chris Froome has released a live-action animation video: “y3llow” – a work produced by Jumbla!

The visually spellbinding clip is presented by medical technology company Rhinomed – the sponsor for the cyclist’s campaign for a third Tour de France win. It combines live-action footage of the cyclist with motion graphics, and includes a voiceover track we recorded with the cyclist in Melbourne.

In the video, Chris Froome speaks of the remarkable significance of one particular colour (you can guess which!) and the impact it’s had on him.

“The Yellow Jersey represents pain and sacrifice in the present, for a legacy that lasts forever,” he says. “You earn the shine of the Yellow Jersey in the darkest hours of training.”

The video was posted on Chris’ social media accounts and has already racked up over 45 thousand views.

Our Creative Director, Oz Smith, says part of the inspiration was the dream-like qualities in the work of Italian filmmaker Leonardo D’Alessandro.

“The ramping between scenes makes the narrative feel like a stream of consciousness,” Smith says. “We wanted to combine this style with the old Tour De France posters, which take from the Art Deco era, to create something original.”

The team combined flat vectors and 3D models with live action plates of the cyclist. All the compositing was done on After Effects, with some assets created on Cinema 4D.

At Jumbla, we love setting ambitious challenges and overcoming them to create works that are original. In this case, the challenge was trying to combine two seemingly incongruent styles: flat poster art with continuously fluid editing.

“The concern wasn’t around creating the elements technically, as we knew we could make them. We were more focused on whether or not we’d be able to achieve the right ‘feel’ and really bring out the spirit of the cyclist’s passion and drive,” says Oz.

“I’m glad it came out the way we wanted it to, even though we didn’t fully know what we were after: we just threw the elements out there and watched it all come back to us, hoping for the best,” he says. “In many ways, we discovered what it looked like as we went.”

Now it’s ready for you to discover too – watch the final piece here:

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