EOME: Cheese and Wine night

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For our latest End of Month Event, Resident Party Planner Nat came up with the plan for a Wine and Cheese Night. The staff agreed it was a great idea for a relaxing catch up – so everyone turned up, wearing suitable attire.

But, little did we all know, Nat had more up her sleeve.

There was going to be a test – and suddenly everyone’s reputation as a cultured and refined connoisseur of taste was at stake. Covers were about to be blown.

The cheese came out first – it was delightful. But, when the wine bottles came out, something was different. The labels had been concealed.



The organisers deployed solid, reliable techniques in graphic design to ensure the details were concealed.

“The idea was to hide the names and varietals of all six wines – and we had prizes for those whose taste buds were the most discerning,” says Nat.

We were awarded points for guessing the correct varietal, the correct region and any buzzwords (sweet, dry, raspberry, cool winter’s night, etc.).

It was a challenge for some – especially those who would taste a shiraz and write down “chardonnay”, or those who tasted a sparkling wine and wrote down “lemonade”.

But alas, there had to be a winner… and it was… our creative director Cal! Turns out he’s creative, cool AND cultured.

Once the crown was awarded, we were still feeling pretty posh, so most of the team stuck around discussing literature and other topics of conversation that go well with wine and cheese.


As you can see, it was a very sophisticated affair. Here, we were probably discussing Aristotle’s five canons of rhetoric or Jane Austen.


We did our own version of the Oscars selfie, but with Natalie instead of Bradley Cooper. Jeric is very advanced in the art of holding a wine glass. He definitely didn’t forget to swirl it. Elena isn’t holding a wine glass at all. Perhaps she missed the memo about the theme of the night.

At Jumbla, even though work never feels like work, it’s always nice to get the crew together for social activities. If you’re interested in being part of our vibrant team, please get in touch!

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