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Welcome Charlotte Parsons to the Jumbla team! The team at Jumbla is expanding, so much so that we can’t even do a blog post for each new recruit, lucky for Charlotte she gets her own blog post!

In fact, we have doubled our staff in the last year! (Woah, I know.) In order to find out just a little bit more about Charlotte, we put together a few questions, happy reading:

What are you most excited about at Jumbla?

Well to be honest, I was most excited about “the work dog”… All of the other things were cool, the culture, the people, the work, but lets be honest, how could I go past Harvey!



Out of the 25 people who work here, how many names do you think you can recall?

Probably about 10 names, but of those 10 I am most likely calling 4 people the wrong name..

What is your favourite Jumbla Animation?

I really like the Carben Creative animation, I think it’s very engaging and quite clever.

What album would be the best soundtrack for your life?

Id have to say Hit Machine 14. No one can deny that this is an absolute classic CD, including but not limited to songs like the Macarena and Only happy when it rains, you really can’t go past this one.

If you were an animated character, who would you be and why?

I have been told I am similar to Lotso from Toy Story. To give you an idea, here is a description from IMDB “A pink, fluffy, huggable bear, Lotso is the leader of the SunnySide Daycare Center where he make new toys suffer”. I’d have to say that a lot of the similarity comes from the fact that Lotso is similar sounding to Lottie which is short for Charlotte… And I guess I can be quite mean but I’m still fairly huggable?



‘Can you eat 20 chicken McNuggets in less than 2 minutes?

I would like to think so…but so far unknown.

What would be your dream project to work on? 

Probably a TVC/animation for a huge international brand. Coca cola, Nike etc. Something where the shoot was far far away somewhere remote.

How would you describe Jumbla in 2 words?

Many plants


We think Charlotte’s pretty cool and she has already integrated well into the team! We are also very excited to see her eat 20 chicken McNuggets in 2 minutes because that is definitely happening.

Next time your in the studio say hi to Charlotte and make her feel welcome!




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