How an animation is made

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Creating animation and motion graphics piece isn’t as simple as just opening a program and putting pen to tablet. There’s a lot of planning and collaboration involved. In some ways, it’s like baking a cake. There are lots of ingredients but they need to be added in a specific order, otherwise it just won’t rise.

Speaking of cake, at Jumbla, we want to make sure every project is worth celebrating. That’s why we put a great emphasis on our concepts and our pre-production. Here’s what’s involved when you come to Jumbla with an idea!


The producer, who will look after the project from start to finish, will discuss concepts with you and the scope you’re wanting to work towards. Clients are given a timeline of when each stage is expected to be completed.  


A producer discusses the key information to be included in the script. A copywriter will then compose the first draft and this will be sent to the client for feedback. Alternatively, the client may wish to provide a script of their own – either as a final, or as a draft to be workshopped with us.


We provide style frames or mood boards to give the client an idea of how the final product will “look and feel”. Generally, we’ll illustrate two different concepts. The client will then supply us with changes or approve them, if they’re happy with how it looks.

style frames



We’ll sketch up some storyboards, to show the client how we imagine each scene should be depicted. As always, the client will take a look and will approve it or request changes.

story boarding



Jumbla can provide three different example voice over options (by three different voice artists), of which the client will choose one. We can also work with client-provided voice tracks.


At Jumbla we’re fortunate to have a large team of over 20 full-time creatives. It means we’re able to handpick a “dream team” that we think will best match the style and outcome of your project.

The team then builds the project from scratch. For 2D this generally involves drawing or creating assets in Illustrator, Flash or Photoshop, then rigging them (you can think of rigging like attaching a “skeleton” to the character or asset). Then, we’ll make the characters move (“animate” them) on After Effects.

For 3D we’ll create models of characters or assets in Cinema 4D or the Element 3D plugin on After Effects. We’ll then do the compositing of everything (bringing all the elements together) on After Effects, and animate them there.

We then get stuck into the rest of the project until we have a full-length first draft to present to the client. Once it’s approved, we’ll add sound effects and all the shiny finishing touches!

Here’s an example of a finished project we made for Cricket Australia – you can see how far it’s come since it was a wee little storyboard (above).

At Jumbla, collaboration with clients is a key focus. We bring a wealth of creativity and concepts, but always ensure the client is engaged throughout the whole process. This enables us to create striking videos that deliver an impact!


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