How Animation Boosts Brand Recall

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Your brand is a big part of your business. How you present yourself dictates how your competitors, customers, and the market as a whole will perceive you, driving everything from sales to loyalty. But what happens when your brand isn’t memorable?

Building a creative, cohesive, and notable identity is something with which many companies struggle. This can be especially true for small businesses without the time or resources to invest in brand development, leaving your company vulnerable to competitors with a much stronger presence. Without a methodology to stimulate brand recall, there’s a good chance all of your prized marketing efforts will fall by the wayside.

For those just starting out, or existing businesses tired of getting lost in the shuffle, a strategy that highlights your unique qualities, products, and capabilities can be very valuable indeed. With the ability to truly make an impact through meaningful images that customers see, appreciate, and remember, animation can be the opportunity you didn’t know you needed.

Why Animation Matters

In a sea of live action, there’s a good chance your video projects will get lost in the crowd, especially if your company isn’t yet a household name. The same tropes are commonly used in industries ranging from cleaning products to personal banking, allowing even an idea that appears innovative to fade into the background.

When you’re looking for a bright, fresh, and lively alternative, animation can be exactly that. Providing a look and feel that stands out from standard advertisements, an animated ad, presentation, or project can shine in a world dominated by the same old bland concepts, giving your company an immediately recognisable presence. If brand recall is the question, animation is the answer.

Establish a Visual Style

A big part of branding involves creating a visual identity for your business. This encompasses a wide range of applications, including logos, color schemes, website layouts, marketing material, and more. When you’d like to imprint a particular image or idea in a customer’s head, however, animation can be a great way to leave a lasting impression.

Utilising animation technology can be extremely effective, providing a multi-faceted and dynamic alternative to static images. An effective use of visual style icons can be both appealing and captivating, establishing an identity that’s yours and yours alone. This allows you to create a cohesive brand, a visual representation of you, your products, and what you have to offer.

Utilise Memorable Technology

Creating customer relationships out of nothing can be a distinct challenge, especially for those who do not yet have a large-scale presence. As such, any material, both marketing and otherwise, needs to be aimed at increasing presence and standing out from the crowd.

While some forms of media, like radio spots and live action ads, all blend together, animation can make a lasting impression that users won’t soon forget. If you utilise creative ideas in conjunction with eye-catching graphics and colorful images that speak to your brand identity, you’re much more likely to stick in viewers’ heads. When done properly, animation stands apart in a positive way, making it much more likely that your business will be remembered.

Create a Professional Persona

With the ever-changing status of modern technology, it isn’t hard to show weakness in your business. Everything from a poorly made commercial to an out of date website can speak volumes about you, and what these deficiencies have to say is rarely good. When you want to portray an image that shows a professional use of technology and a reliable presence customers can count on, animation can do just this.

Unlike live action videos, which require little more than a video camera and a place to film, great animation necessitates a mastery of the art form and a commitment to quality. Great animation is immediately evident, positioning your brand as an industry leader, even if your business has no ties to the art of animating images. When you want to be remembered for great service, you need marketing that puts a great first impression in place.

Send Simple Messages

Sometimes, pictures can say what words cannot, and this is especially true when it comes to animation. When you want to send a simple, touching message, an animated product can hit the mark in a creative way. The simplicity available in an animated video or advertisement often surpasses what live action can accomplish, leaving the door open for a wide range of sentiments.

In many cases, live action can be challenging to get just right, especially if you’re relying on imperfect actors or a setting that doesn’t meet your needs. Animation solves these problems quickly and easily, giving you an easy way to send a message in a way that won’t get lost in translation. If you want people to remember you, animation has so much potential.

Increase Options

Have you ever envisioned a great idea for a video, only to realise that there’s no way to accomplish what you have in mind without an intense commitment to editing and CGI? Enter animation.

As a medium that can transcend reality, animation can do a lot that live action cannot. Characters, places, and ideas don’t have to be possible in the real world; they only need to be able to be drawn or modelled. This drastically increases your options for marketing, opening innovative doors that never before existed. With the ability to send a message that is both interesting and unique, you’re much more likely to find a solution that gets your viewers excited.

Trigger Emotion in an Audience

Emotional connections can be very strong. For individuals who build emotional ties with a concept, image, or company, it doesn’t take much to bring those feelings rushing back when confronted with a connected link.

When potential customers have a reason to like you and feel attached to you, they’re more likely to remember you and the connection your video project created. Animation can make this easy; with virtually limitless potential for animated content, it’s possible to use the right combination of images and narrative to bond your brand to everyone who watches your video. From sentimental and sweet to professional and profound, it’s not hard to create emotional connections with animation.

Makes Marketing Fun

Let’s face it: animation is fun. Animation inspires youthful exuberance reminiscent of weekend cartoons, bringing a smile to the face of viewers of all ages. This is especially true when humor or juxtaposition is employed. When you want to increase brand recall and build positive associations, animation is the a great way to boost morale and get customers interested.

Even serious or conservative companies can incorporate a little bit of fun with animation. An appropriate amount of levity won’t hurt your professional reputation, and can even work to humanize your brand. This is especially helpful in companies who maintain distance from their markets, providing a more relaxed way to build connections and drive sales among those you’re trying to attract.

Finding the right way to captivate an audience and draw attention to your brand isn’t always easy, but animation can help you get there. Providing a great opportunity to win over viewers, build emotional connections, send memorable messages, and boost brand recall, the right approach to animation can do a lot for your business.

Ready to see for yourself? As a leading video studio, we can create memorable, moving products for clients around the world. Contact Jumbla today and explore the power animation has in store for your brand!

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