Tight marketing budget? Why animating your branded content will save you money

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In all aspects of marketing, cost is a serious concern. Small businesses and new startups in particular can find striking a balance to be challenging, especially when it comes to indirect expenses like sales and marketing. The line between spending enough to attract attention and blowing your bottom line is often fine indeed, creating a logistical issue for those seeking affordable, effective opportunities to advertise.

Marketing on a budget is often problematic, even for businesses with a clear vision. The digital space has helped and hurt the process, providing both affordable avenues and a veritable deluge of possibilities that can be hard to single out. Many small companies stick with the basics, like social media and blogging, but these tactics can only take you so far. When you want to attract real attention, it can be worth a small investment.

When your marketing methodology isn’t netting you the gains you’ve been hoping for, it’s time to try something new. Video is the perfect way to demonstrate what you have to offer that no one else can match.

The Secret to Affordable Videos

For many small businesses, video seems like a mountainous climb that can only be accomplished by big companies with big budgets. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With the rise in animation technology, video is no longer limited to the biggest and the best. Instead of a clean line between those with enough money to invest in major productions and those without, modern innovations put video on a level playing field. Quality animation looks sophisticated and reputable, putting all businesses on even footing, regardless of available capital.

A cheap live action video is evident, but an affordable animated video isn’t. With the right animation team at your side, it’s possible to create a beautiful video for next to nothing.

How Animation Helps You Save

Sceptical at the idea of a more affordable video project? Stop worrying. Animation is cheaper than live action for many reasons, from the staff required to the sheer convenience of the production process. Here’s how animation can help you save on your next video project.

Lower Labour Costs

If you’ve ever seen the set of a television show, a commercial, or a movie, you know how much goes into the process of filming high quality live action footage. Actors, camera crews, directors, producers, sound techs, assistants, and more dominate the set, each providing a small piece of the final product. And, unfortunately, all of these individuals expect to be paid, and often handsomely, for their efforts. With hourly or daily rates dependent on the duration of filming, these costs can pile up quickly.

Without live action requirements, however, most of these labour costs disappear. Animated productions aren’t labour-free, however – someone has to do the actual animating, and a voice over is often involved – but they require significantly fewer people to get the job done. With no cameramen, actors, or production team members, your budget can stretch a lot farther, providing a professional commercial without the overhead.

No Location Expenses

Unless you’re going to film a very stereotypical commercial in your own office space, live action video requires an outside filming location. This can range from an outdoor area in the woods to a heavily used city street but no matter where you film, it’s unlikely to be free. Securing permits for filming can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, requiring a big expense just to set the scene. Many video projects aren’t set in a single location, either, requiring even more fees for the sake of filming.

A limited budget can limit your location, restricting the creativity possible in a live action production. Some companies attempt to limit costs with a green screen, but without sophisticated – and expensive – technology, this solution is also less than perfect. Animation, however, requires nothing of the sort. Virtually any landscape or setting can be drawn or digitally developed, putting your commercial at the top of Mount Everest or at the bottom of the ocean without wasting money on climbing equipment or scuba gear. No matter what you’re envisioning, animation can bring it to life, creating your custom location with absolutely no permits or usage expenses.

No Props or Wardrobe

Most video productions don’t feature a single person in street clothes talking at the camera, and the ones that do aren’t very good. In order to communicate a creative point, an investment in props and a wardrobe is often a requirement. Sometimes, this can come cheap, especially if your ad is relatively straightforward. In other cases, however, this can cost thousands, and often involves buying items you’ll never use again. Yes, renting is an option, but this can still be costly, especially if you need specialised equipment or high value items like musical instruments, vehicles, or custom costumes.

In an animated video, there are no props and no costumes; everything you need can be drawn or modelled in a few strokes of a pen or taps on a keyboard. Any props and any wardrobes required to create a compelling video are available on demand, and your imagination is the only limit. This can save you significantly, allowing you to bring your visions to life without wasting cash on accessories.

Increased Convenience

When you have a great idea for a marketing campaign, it’s only natural to want to begin right away. However, with a live action ad, this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds. Many things can stand in the way of filming, from bad weather to an actor who can’t remember his lines. An ill-timed rain storm, a cloudy day, a lost prop, or a rip in a wardrobe item are extremely inconvenient, interfering with your production process.

These inconveniences are irritating, but can also be very costly. Without a clean process, you may face additional expenses based on more time to film, more time on location, and prop replacements. Animation can do away with many of these potential problems, providing a streamlined, convenient approach. Bad weather, bad actors, and expensive locations don’t stand in the way of the speed and quality of an animated project.

Fast Production

Despite best efforts, all humans are fallible and even the greatest actors in the world can require a few takes to get things right. For complex commercials, this can have a significant effect on production time, dragging a few hour shoot into a something much longer and consequently more expensive. The more time you spend filming, the more you’ll have to pay actors, sound crews, video techs, and more, leading to a long process with high costs.

Getting a good take isn’t the only time-consuming part of producing an effective video, however. Professional editing can also be an extensive process, melding clips together to convey your chosen message and altering images and sound to transform raw footage into something worth watching. Animation, however, doesn’t require any of this. Yes, the creative process isn’t always speedy, but without filming and editing to handle, you can have your custom ad in next to no time without paying for countless hours of effort.

Easy Adjustments or Changes

In a live action video, making tweaks or updates can be both costly and time-consuming. If you’re changing any part of the main ad, you’ll need to return to the same location, hire the same actors, and partner with a film crew again to capture additional footage. Then, this footage will have to be re-edited seamlessly into your existing ad in order to create a cohesive final product.

This process isn’t fast or easy, and requires a huge commitment. In many cases, simply updating an ad can take the same amount of effort as filming a whole new ad, and that doesn’t come cheap. With animation, you have an easy way out. New scenes, changes to a voice over script, or any other details can be reworked extremely easily and quickly to fit into your existing advertisement. This provides the ultimate level of flexibility, giving you a way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. A single production can be molded into as many variations as you’d like for a minor incremental cost.

Make Animation Work for You

If you’ve never considered a video advertisement due to the perceived cost, it’s time to think again. Animation is effective, professional, and sophisticated, capturing the exact message you want to send. From straightforward designs to creative, whimsical productions, there’s a lot you can do with animation without breaking the bank. Instead of hiring actors, renting locations, setting up film equipment, or spending hours doing take after take, you can create a video project in next to no time without any of the expensive overhead.

When you want to stand apart from your industry, video is the way. From tasteful PSAs to corporate training, animation can create almost anything, and for a price you can afford.

Want to see for yourself what we can do? Contact Jumbla today to learn more about how animation can change your advertising for the better!

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