Have a product or construction in the pipeline? Introduce it to clients with an animated product demonstration

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Even if you’re not a fan of Apple, you’ve surely come in contact with the hubbub that goes on before a product release. First come the photo mock-ups, hinting at must-have features and sleek new designs. The videos follow, highlighting the top developments and updates, generating tens of millions of views around the world. Finally, a press conference announces the official release, giving company executives the opportunity to show off their highly anticipated products to a live audience.

Apple has certainly perfected the lead-in to new releases, making the most of numerous media opportunities to generate buzz, draw in fans and followers, and build hype in order to attract sales and publicity. It’s okay if you can’t be exactly like Apple when it comes to your new products – besides tech titans like Google and Amazon, who can? – but that doesn’t mean you should stick to releasing your products quietly and without note.

Video is a great way to put all eyes on you, drawing attention to the developments currently in your pipeline. Making an introduction fast, easy, and simple to share, you can unveil your upcoming creations in a way that will generate discussion, attract your audience, and provide a boost to sales.

Why Video Succeeds

As a product-based company, new releases are a big part of your ongoing success. However, without the right approach, you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity. Here’s why video is the best possible way to share the news about upcoming products, services, concepts, and construction.

Advertises Effectively

Video has long been a staple in the advertising industry, offering a classic way to share the marketable facets of a product or service. From the inception of the television to the modern world of digital marketing, video is an effective way to send a message for several reasons: it’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s a lot more fun than reading written content.

The first video ad, which was for the Bulova Watch Company, an American watch brand still in production today, aired in 1941, over 75 years ago. Since then, people have been hooked, and there’s no shame in following in the footsteps of history. Even today, in 2017, video is a great format for advertising products and services, and that includes concepts still headed for development. The only difference? Today’s videos increase conversions rates rather than keeping the family crowded around the telly.

Highlights Key Features

If you’re releasing a new product, chances are good that you’re excited about it. As such, it’s only natural to want others to be excited about it, too. However, it’s hard to drum up enthusiasm without a great way to convey the features worth noticing. Luckily, video makes solving this problem easy, giving you a great way to highlight the top functions of your new concepts in a format people will want to see. Whether your product is brand new and never-before-seen or a simple upgrade of something you already have on your shelves, a great video makes desirable features crystal clear.

Razors, for example, are a pretty run of the mill product. Everyone uses them, and they come in dozens of varieties. In order to differentiate one from another, a video project with a focus on features makes all the difference. Take this Phillips Shaver video, featuring the Philips Style Shaver and Philips Beard Trimmer. With great effects to point out what sets these shaving tools apart, customers will instantly understand why Phillips is a brand they need to know.

The SportChamp app explainer video does an excellent job at highlighting key features as well. A betting and social sports app, this straightforward video shows prospective customers what makes the app so special. From the clean design to the intuitive interface, interested sports fans know immediately what distinguishes SportChamp from its peers.

Provides a Great Guide

We’ve talked before about why explainer videos are so important, and a new product is a great reason to try your hand at summarising an idea. A new product doesn’t need a full explainer video exactly – after all, it’s a little challenging to explain the ins and outs of a product that’s still a concept or hasn’t made it through development – but many of the same principles will be the same.

When you want to communicate both the promise in a new release and what clients or customers can gain, video is the way to do it. Offering a way to send a strong message, both about your product’s specific details and the value in your company as a whole, the right product demo can tell your audience what they need to know.

Zenith Design, an office space design company, showcases the perfect balance between a product demo and a branding statement. With a simple message about the value in office organization and design with a combination of character animation and 3D product animation, this video hits the mark.

Attracts Media Attention

Word of mouth is a great marketing strategy, but if you’re still struggling to build a solid customer base, it can only take you so far. Attention from industry experts, however, can be the game changer you need, expanding your reach and giving your target audience a way to come face to face with what you can do.

A great video makes a statement, giving you a solid way to spread your message to the sources that matter, no matter what you have to say. With a video slipped into the right hands, whether through coincidence or your existing connections, industry publications and local news sources can do wonders for spreading your message. If you have something compelling to offer, it won’t be hard to draw attention from influencers, community journalists, and relevant blogs.

Highlights Creativity

Your company has a lot going for it. Your ideas are fresh and new, your concepts are original, and your products offer a lot of cool features the competition can’t touch. When you want to make sure people other than your employees know this, a video provides a wonderful opportunity to do so, capturing the prefect combination between useful information and the value in your brand.

A great product video can be used to highlight exactly what sets you apart, painting an image that positions you in whatever light you’d like. Whether that means demonstrating your creative side in an quirky animation project or conveying industry authority with a no nonsense creation, you can show off what makes you who you are through the art of video.

Aquatec, for example, is one of Australia’s top providers of pressure sewer systems. While not necessarily a riveting video subject for most viewers, the right video, like this creative and professional explainer project, can promote a strong brand message while still offering a compelling peek into a top product. The Homewise Harpic series accomplishes this as well, showcasing great new product lines – cleaning products like Harpic White & Shine and Harpic Hygienic Plus – through an effective combination of live action and animation.

Provides a Talking Point

Conversations centred around your brand are almost always good, unless you’ve had the misfortune of ending up in the midst of a scandal or two. A new product launch or the introduction of new research or developments can be a great way to put your name on the tips of people’s tongues, offering a creative way to make your company into a talking point.

When you want to spark a discussion about your products or services, a video is the perfect way to do so. Providing fast facts about both your company and your new innovations, like upgrades from a previous model or improvements to an industry standard, you can give those who watch your videos an easily comprehensible topic in a memorable format.

Makes Sharing Simple

What’s easier for a consumer: calling a friend to talk about a new idea published in a local news outlet, or sending a text or social media post with a video link? Video is easy to watch, easy to enjoy, and easy to share. Unlike other forms of media, video says the equivalent of 1.8 million words in just a few moments, sending a big message with a small time commitment.

Video can also be shared almost anywhere, anytime with just the push of a button. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo often have share buttons built in, allowing you to publish your video across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, post to your blog, or distribute via email. When you’re looking to gain momentum, a video gives you a shareable medium your customers or clients will love, and it’s perfect for social media.

Make Your Next Project a Success

If you’ve invested a pretty penny into research and development, you probably don’t want your hard work to go to waste. When a great launch and successful sales are on the agenda, you need a way to advertise that will capture attention, get people talking, and keep your products at the front and centre of your industry.

Fortunately, video makes this easy, presenting an simple format that is shareable, enjoyable, and, most importantly, effective. Whether you see yourself setting sales records or you simply want to put your name out there, the right video can give you the boost your business needs.

From product guides to branding, there’s a lot to gain from a great video project. And who knows – maybe someday, you’ll have the resources to become the next Apple.

Want a killer video personalised to your new products? You’re in the right place. Give Jumbla a shout today and let us show you what we can do for you.

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