Why Your Next TVC Should be Animated

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Standing out in a never-ending sea of advertisements can be a true challenge, especially for newcomers to the TVC scene. The average Australian pays witness to hundreds of hours of television advertising each year, requiring a truly remarkable product to stand out from the very long, very busy crowd of seemingly similar sounds and images. While truly great ads can become instantly synonymous with products, brands, and companies, accomplishing these triumphs generally requires a great idea, a big budget, and high end production capabilities. That is, unless you’re willing to exercise a little creativity.

Most ads, regardless of reasoning, are live action, shot on sets, sound stages, and streets across the country. Even when these ads are effective, they all blur together after a while as viewers tune out, waiting for ads to end and programming to begin again. With animation, however, your brand has a truly unique way to stand apart. Capturing the creativity of images, taking advantage of the possibilities live action can’t offer, and putting a face on your company viewers will remember, animation holds limitless possibilities for television advertising.

Stand Out

What was the last fully animated ad you can remember seeing on prime time TV? If you’re like most viewers, you may be struggling to recall, or may only be able to remember a few brands or businesses.

In general, most ads are live action, utilising actors and sets to make a statement. This strategy isn’t necessarily a bad one – after all, it’s popular for a reason – but with so many options out there, standing out isn’t easy. Animation can easily solve this problem, giving you a creative, unique medium that will instantly attract attention and captivate viewers. Instead of adopting a bland, old hat approach to TVC, you can take your message in a better, more interesting direction.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 12.06.32 pm

Need your TVC to stand out? Why not feature a team of superhuman AI-style robots?


Add Visual Humour

Situational comedy is effective in many applications, and advertising is one of them. Animation can be a legitimate outlet for visual humour, engaging audiences in a way many advertisements cannot.

Through the use of actions and attitudes not possible with live action – exaggerated movements, anachronisms, and improbable behaviour, for example – advertisers can effectively capture humorous situations, injecting fun and frivolity into an ad. Cartoons and animated movies have been associated with comedy in a way that is now a key part of the human experience. Even as an adult, animation has strong relations to childhood and visual humour that live action just can’t compete with. If you want to capture viewers in a way that increases brand and product recall, an animated ad is a great way to do so.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 12.36.46 pm

Can’t afford to shoot with Academy Award-winning actors? Animation’s got you covered…

Transcend Reality

For as long as animation has existed, the medium has sought to push the boundaries of reality. From Wile E. Coyote surviving cliff falls and TNT explosions to the magic captured in Disney films, animated video does what live action can’t.

No matter what you have in mind, illustrating a point is faster, easier, and more effective with animation. Giving you the power to transcend reality, advertisers can do literally anything through the power of drawing. Whether you want to set your ad on another planet or in a bygone era, or would like to feature a talking pig with a perfect British accent, animation makes everything easier. Additionally, animation can reduce the burden on both the advertiser and the viewer; with an animated product, it’s much easier to impress your target audience with any situation, whether you’re attempting to emphasise reality, fantasy, or a little of both.

Educate Effectively

With live action ads (or movies, or tv shows, or pretty much anything else), you are effectively at the mercy of your actors and your set. In this situation, it doesn’t take much to completely alter the dynamic of what you have to say. A few little mistakes can transform an informative segment to a boring one, or a lighthearted quip to a condescending statement.

With the exception of a voice actor, animation eliminates many of the variables that can transform an ad from magnificent to mediocre. Unlike live action ads, which can very quickly turn cheesy or unoriginal, even when filmed with the best of intentions, animation is fresh and fun. With the right skills and artistry, any message can come across exactly as you wish, completely removing the hassle of forcing an actor or actress to meld to your vision.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 12.36.44 pm

An excerpt from a video we made for Childwise, to educate children that if they’ve been abused, it is not their fault, they have nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s okay and important to come forward and tell a trusted adult.

Boost Brand Image

Nothing highlights your brand like an unforgettable ad. And when you want to be unforgettable, you want an animated television commercial.

When you’re trying to penetrate a busy market, express a unique side of your company to viewers, or create content that solidifies your corporate identity, animation can help you get there. Taking a unique approach can say a lot to your customers, expressing your innovation and creativity in a modern, fun light. In many ways, this approach can highlight how much you care; by employing a creative technique other companies have pushed to the side, you can express to your audience how much their experiences mean to you. Animation defies the norms, amplifying your image in a way nothing else can.

Our striking and seamlessly beautiful animation for McCann, to advertise the University of Melbourne’s Open Day.

Animation may be a new realm for your business, but this artistic technique is a great way to truly put yourself on another level. Ready to give it a try? Contact Jumbla today and get started on a custom approach to animation perfectly suited to what you’d like to say.


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