Why You Should Animate Your Next Corporate Video

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When you think about the word “corporate,” what comes to mind? Whitewashed cubicle walls where employees sit quietly, working with their heads down? The top of the food chain, where orders are issued and decisions are made? Men in dark suits, meeting behind closed doors?

Historically, the corporate connotation has long been associated with conservative ways and old-school business tropes. In some companies, this may still be the norm, but in others, the perception is changing. Suits and business formal are no longer required in a majority of offices, even in more traditional industries. Floor plans are opening up, offering alternatives to boring cubicles. Some workplaces even have little perks, like pool tables, snacks, and a free car service for the occasional late nights.

As the corporate world continues to shift towards a more laid-back, balanced, and millennial-inspired atmosphere, so do corporate communications. How companies interact internally and externally is no longer stiff and rigid; instead, email and even social media are considered acceptable ways to spread a message. With this in mind, it’s no wonder the world of corporate videos is changing, too.

The Role of Corporate Video

Corporate video is a form of business-related communication designed to send a message to coworkers or prospective clients through a video-based medium. A good video can create a compelling reason to build business relationships, attracting partners and customers through the art of creativity.

Corporate videos, like many other forms of visual content, are most often live action, filmed on set with actors or actresses. While at least somewhat effective in form and function – after all, there’s a reason corporate videos have used this strategy for so long – live action productions often perpetuate the conservative and stuffy reputation that accompanies business communication.

The problem with live action? Unless done perfectly, most viewers won’t be interested enough to watch from start to finish. They’ll click away, or look for a text equivalent to speed up the process. This is the a detriment for two main reasons: the investment in video production is essentially wasted, and the target audience fails to build a connection.

Striking the Right Note With Animation

There’s an alternative to the traditional take on corporate videos, however. When you want a young, fresh, and casual approach that viewers will actually want to watch, you need animation. Providing an effective way to attract viewer attention and keep your audience interested, animation brings corporate video communication into the modern era. Here’s why you should animate your next corporate video.

Caters to Creativity

Animation is nothing if not a creative medium. Live action can only do so much without an impressive CGI budget, but animation’s bounds are limitless. This is valuable for virtually any industry, no matter what you’re trying to sell and who you’re trying to sell it to. For traditionally less interesting kinds of businesses like financial services groups, animation provides a way to breathe new life into a standard concept, providing a medium that viewers find fascinating.

Whether you envision your business as an all-powerful army with the power to vanquish your competition or a primitive civilization living within Atlantis, animation can create any reality you want to depict.

Success Story: DST Systems – Bluedoor

An introduction to the Bluedoor financial services platform by DST Systems, this unique corporate video took on a relatively complex subject and presented it skillfully in a way that is easy to understand. Through animation, the depth and breadth of the platforms’s capabilities were illustrated clearly, providing a simple, straightforward explanation that can appeal to viewers of all knowledge levels. By speaking in everyday language, both financial pros and novices alike can understand and relate to the tools at hand.

Captures Effort

What impresses you more: a beautifully and creatively animated production or an actor in front of a video camera? For most viewers, the answer is unequivocally the former, especially in a world where run of the mill live action dominates.

Anyone can walk and talk in front of a camera, but not everyone can put together an intelligent and innovative animated production. Great animation takes serious talent and truly shows the effort that goes into the creation process. Devising a concept, coming up with a mock-up, providing the computer graphics or hand-drawn images, and adding a voiceover shows just how much care and attention has to go into a finished product.

Success Story: Carben Creative

Telling a story is among the most basic principles in video media, no matter who you’re communicating with. In this 2D corporate video concept, Carben Creative expounds on the virtues of storytelling while putting the very same principles into practice, creating an almost meta-like approach to a business introduction. Through this adventure into narrative, Carben Creative is able to tell their story by connecting their brand to the strength of carbon atoms through a combination of animation of vivid narration.

Adds Authority

In a corporate video, communicating authority is a major priority. Whether attempting to send a message to internal team members or working to convince other businesses of your merit, creating a dominant, trustworthy demeanor is a big part of ensuring your message hits home.

Despite the associations between animation and children’s media, animation can be extremely effective in creating an air of authority. Through professional animation skills customised to the persona your company wishes to communicate, it’s possible to demonstrate your authority within your industry as well as your position as a trailblazer. Animation isn’t one-size-fits-all; with a personalised approach to animation, you can position your company in a positive, powerful light.

Success Story: LGCO

For a company like LGCO that depends on reputation in order to connect with business partners, a corporate video needs to carry the right balance between welcoming and authoritative. This video managed to strike precisely the right chord, putting a personalised spin on what LCGO is able to offer while still illustrating the tactics used to connect companies with their ideal sales opportunities. By using graphs, charts, and visual representations of available solutions, potential clients get a perfect opportunity to see exactly what lies in store.

Cuts on Costs

Filming a live action video of any kind can be extremely expensive. Hiring actors, a video crew, a sound team, directors, and editors can cost a significant amount, leading to a massive investment for a video that may or may not achieve your end goals. While there are ways to cut corners, like working with amateur actors or doing the filming yourself, these kinds of tactics are often wildly evident, compromising your credibility.

Animation, however, makes it easy to save without sacrificing quality. Due to the extreme reduction in support staff, production is far more cost-effective, offering even small businesses with small budgets an opportunity to put together a professional-caliber production without busting through the bottom line.

Success Story: Start Up Australia

As a small business designed to support entrepreneurs, Start Up Australia doesn’t necessarily have the funding to create a dynamic live action campaign. Animation solves this problem easily, providing a convenient platform for communicating objectives and opportunities without requiring a significant investment. The video itself is fairly straightforward, but the use of bright colours, visual representation of concepts, and authoritative voiceover can ensure even an affordable alternative looks like a million dollars.

Adding Animation to Live Action

For many companies, creating a corporate video means choosing between live action and animation (and most choose the former). However, there is a third option: a combination of the two. While not common, incorporating animation into a live action shoot can add a powerful message, taking a run of the mill concept to another level entirely.

Adding animated content says a lot to your viewers, whether you choose a few simple effects, like written speech bubbles, or a comprehensive collaboration, like an animated background or characters. The use of advanced animation technology can completely alter the mood of your message, adding a sleekness and a sophistication that would otherwise be lacking. Additionally, adding animation requires extra effort, allowing you to show an audience your care and dedication to your cause. No longer is a live action video simply your CEO talking at the screen; instead, it’s something unique and different with the power to touch viewers.

Create Your Perfect Video

If you’re getting nowhere with stilted, dry corporate videos that apply the same tired tropes you’ve always used, it’s time to shake things up. With an animated corporate video, you can explore a better way to send a message in a medium that your audience will want to watch from beginning to end. From lower costs to increased creativity, using animation offers plenty of advantages with few real downsides.

Whether you have corporate videos that are failing to leave an impression or don’t want to start your startup off on the wrong foot, an animated production has to offer. Covering everything from internal training to business pitches, quality animation can turn dry, dull projects into something special.

Want to see how great animated corporate videos can be? Contact Jumbla today to get started on your next production!

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