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At Jumbla, we work with large companies, small startups, advertising agencies, production companies, video games producers… and more. Here’s some general advice that might help those seeking to have a work of animation or motion graphics made – whatever the purpose may be!


Animation styles are diverse. You can create something without characters (such as motion graphics) or you can use figures or characters to varying degrees of detail. Characters can help personalise your message, but have a think about whether that suits your video’s purpose.

2D animation is traditionally much cheaper to produce than 3D, but there are other options which blend the two. They include 2.5D (which uses “flat” figures set in a 3 dimensional landscape) or the compositing of 3D models in 2D landscapes.

Importantly, just because a certain style costs more to produce, doesn’t mean it’s better for your project. 2D has various applications suited to many brands. Even within the world of 2D there is a vast array of different styles, from the basic rigged animation, to hand-drawn or even frame-by-frame animation.


Have a strong strategy for what you’re going to do with the video, before you dive into it. Will it be used as a TV commercial or a web video? Will it be for external customers, business partners or staff? If you know the video will sit in the context of other information (such as a website) your animation can focus on tantalising or inspiring the viewer. If the video is going to stand alone as a pre-roll on YouTube, it may need to quickly send a strong, informative message.


An animation or motion graphics project may take a few weeks or it could take a few months – depending on the scope of what you’re after. Your best bet is to contact us as early as possible, so we can discuss your budget and concept, then advise you on the best timeline for delivery. Take into account the extra time needed for rounds of feedback.


Animation is a flexible medium, so we can work to accommodate your budget. As a general guide, a 60 second “explainer” or infographic video will start from around $5k, while a video involving character animation or 3D motion graphics will start from around $10k. A more technical project, using detailed 3D modelling or frame-by-frame illustration may cost double that.

The quote will include style frames – to give you a preview of how the animation will look – as well as a storyboard to indicate how the scenes will play out. You’ll get two rounds of changes for both. The quote will also include the script, music, sound effects and voiceover, if these are required.


Most animation strives to be informative, attention-grabbing and entertaining. It’s a fine balance: entertaining people without any substance isn’t effective. On the other hand, too much information without capturing interesting, isn’t going to achieve your objectives.

The key is to simplify your overarching point down to a small number of clear, memorable messages. In a 30 second video this may be only one or two messages, in a 60 second video this may be three or four. Once you know the “core” information you need to convey, our copywriters can work with you to incorporate them seamlessly into a script.


A video should be as short as possible, so that you can cover the key messages while still ensuring a high capture rate when it comes to viewers. Long videos run the risk of alienating some of your time-poor or “picky” viewers, who won’t play the video at all. Others may look at a long duration on the play bar and decide they’re best off skipping through the clip, which means your messages won’t be fully and cohesively conveyed.

The temptation to make videos longer than they essentially “need to be” is always strong. Thankfully, our producers are brilliant at judging the ideal duration based on what you need to say, your target market and the context of where your video will go. Have a chat to us about what you have in mind and we’ll point you in the right direction!

At Jumbla we’re big on pre-production and planning: it’s an important cog that drives effective, successful animation and motion graphics. If you choose to create a project with us, rest assured you won’t be going in blind. We’ll work with you throughout all stages so the final product will be something you can be proud of!

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