Registration now open for Semester 1 2017!

Class is limited to just 7 spots!


Semester 1 2017 is now open for applicants! Starting on the week commencing April 3rd 2017. Request your info pack now for more info!

What is Jumbla Academy?

We are opening our doors to teach aspiring animators the tools and tricks of the trade. This course is designed to get you job ready, teaching you the skills and techniques you need to land a job in the industry.

We’ve all been through it before. The academic world can sometimes feel a little far from the real job world and knowing how to use those skills learnt at Uni in a job situation can be daunting. That’s why we invented Jumbla Academy.

We’re opening our doors and getting you ready for the workplace. Over 12 weeks, we’ll challenge you to greatly improve your skills in animation and motion graphics, teaching you everything from practical techniques to halve the time spent on projects, through to tips on polishing up projects. Everything that you’ll learn is the most current and up-to-date best practices actually used in an award winning studio environment.

This is a course for junior animators who are looking to break into the animation and motion graphics industry.

You aren’t treated as a student when you take on Jumbla Academy. We only allow 7 students per class, and this isn’t because we don’t have enough room. It’s because we want you to feel exactly what it’s like working in a studio under a creative director with briefs and deadlines.

Why take Jumbla Academy?

On completion you will have an awesome showreel

You have the opportunity to:

  • Learn great technical skills
  • Network within the industry
  • Receive your own industry mentor
  • Update your design techniques
  • Improve your showreel to get noticed by employers
  • So much more!


You’ll get all the training and tips you need to make a sick showreel using all your own original content. You’ll also rub shoulders and be mentored by some of the best in the industry.

After successfully completing Jumbla Academy, you’ll possess an unparalleled view into the animation and motion graphics world and have in-studio real world experience guaranteed to take your CV up a couple of levels.

Hear testimonials from our current students: 

Have a look at the work that some of our students made



At the heart of it, it’s really all about making sure we love what we do so we can keep the creativity pumping and all have a bit of fun along the way.

Our studio is all about being relaxed, fun and creative. It’s kind of like working from home, except you’ve actually bothered to hang all your cool artwork and get a bunch of indoor plants to make it look pretty. Here, you get to be with your mates everyday, and there’s free coffee, beer and fruit!

From the moment you walk in you’ll know this isn’t your standard work space. The music will be the first giveaway here – we’ve got Spotify pumping out a carefully curated selection of sweet tunes all day because, you know, mouse clicks and keyboards sound pretty boring. In-between class you can chill out in the games corner on PS4 or Xbox, or play some table tennis with Jumbla colleagues and students.

Each student will be mentored by an industry expert

Each student is paired up with one of our incredible creatives in order to help you get the best possible teaching experience. Our mentors are Jumbla animators and motion graphics artists with years of experience, creating work for big brands on a daily basis.

Let’s break it down

  • 192 hours of in-studio classes
  • In-studio training
  • Real world projects
  • All software and hardware ready for you
  • Table tennis breaks
  • Work with and meet people in the industry
  • Hands on training and feedback
  • Mentoring program with Jumbla staff
  • Unlimited use of the Jumbla computers during business hours throughout the duration of your course

Course guide

This course is designed to make you go from university to job in 12 weeks. It can often be hard to land that first job and get into the industry so our course is designed to help improve your skills and make you job ready.



Adobe Illustrator example

Week 1

Get into the studio, meet the Jumbla team, your tutor and mentor, and get settled down at your new part-time home for the next 3 months. Delve into Illustrator and learn about character design.


Week 2

A refresher course on design elements and principles, as well as colour theory and typography. Put that knowledge to the test with a logo design exercise in illustrator.


Week 3

Have a greater look into the workings of Cinema 4D. Learn about character, texture and typography.


Week 4

Learn some more to do with modelling, lighting and rendering with in-depth tutorials of Cinema 4D. Software focus is on After Effects, Element 3D and various plugins.


Week 5

Wrap up your Cinema 4D skills as we set up as lighting and render out a scene. Get an introduction to After Effects, Element 3D and some very useful plugins.


Week 6

We continue on with After Effects; rigging your character and animating a walk cycle with an added jump. Switch gears and create a logo animation.


Weeks 7-8

This is where the fun really starts, start your own project working on character animation. Learning how to produce style frames, mood boards, storyboards and of course animation.


Weeks 9-10

Over these two weeks, you'll be given brief number 2: Design based animation. Use After Effects to create a typographic and motion based animation of studio quality.

week 11-13

Weeks 11-12

The final project; working within a brief to create a 15 second short, you'll be encouraged to be creative, to use the elements we taught you, and to introduce some 3D elements.

Who’s teaching?

Professor Lahiru

will be taking the classes

As a creative manager in the Jumbla studio, Lahiru worked on everything from 2D corporate videos to car racing cinematics for the gaming industry. Lahiru was head of a junior team at Jumbla, training and developing junior animators and motion graphics artists into the superstars that they are today!


How do I apply?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request an info pack. The info pack contains more information about the course and an application form.

What is the difference between Jumbla Academy and Jumbla Internship?

Jumbla Internship is for recent grads who have outstanding showreels. Our interns work on a real client job (unpaid projects for charities) for 12 weeks, while being watched over carefully by our intern mentor, Johnny. Johnny's looking for the next round of grads to employ as full time junior animators at Jumbla. Competition for a Jumbla Internship position is fierce, as every 1 internship spot we give out has 50 unsuccessful candidates.

Jumbla Academy is designed to bridge the gap between uni and the job market. This course will help get your showreel noticed by prospective employers (like Jumbla!). It's an intensive course in a practical studio environment that will get you job ready fast! This course would also help freelancers learn some tips and tricks of the trade from a professional studio composed of senior motion graphic artists and animation experts. Upon completion of Jumbla Academy, you should be ready to walk into a junior job in a professional studio. Jumbla Academy places are limited, but due to the nature of what we'll be teaching, admission is less selective than Jumbla's Internship programme.

What sort of time commitment is Jumbla Academy?

Jumbla Academy runs for 12 consecutive weeks. The course is 2 full days (9am – 5pm) per week. In order to get the best results possible from Jumbla Academy, students are expected to complete approximately 10 hours of homework each week.

When is the next semester?

The next semester starts week commencing 10 December 2016 and finishes week commencing 13th March 2016. Jumbla Academy runs for 12 consecutive weeks with a 2 week Christmas break.

Do I need any animation experience?

In order to be a successful applicant, we would like students to have some animation or creative design experience. This course will cover everything that you need to know, however, having a basic knowledge of the software and a good artistic eye will come in very handy! When applying, please include a link to any folio, showreel or creative work that you think best demonstrates your skills.

Where will the course be held?

The course will be held right in the middle of the Jumbla studios. Giving you a window into a working animation studio as well as all the benefits that come with the awesome Jumbla office (table tennis table, dog, and cool people). The offices are located at 34 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Can I take the course online?

At the moment we are very focused on a hands on experience for students in a small group. We may in the future offer an online service for Jumbla Academy. If you don’t live in Melbourne keep your eyes peeled for any changes in the future.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. Just your skills will be enough. We will provide all the hardware and software that you will be needing. Oh actually, bring some lunch or money for lunch.

I’m already a good animator, is this course for me?

It depends. If you think your showreel is good enough to get you a job, by all means email it to, however, if you don’t hear back, then this course is for you. We are here to help you make that jump from university to an animation and motion graphics career.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, the course can be paid either upfront or in 3 instalments. A deposit will be needed at the start of the course in order to secure your spot.

Have a friend who would love this course?

Click here to refer a friend and if they become a successfully enrolled student we will give you a free iPad Mini 2!


Find out more here

Please note that this course is only available to people who are able to study in Melbourne, Australia.

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